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Free Mini Lesson

Charcoal is such a beautiful and versatile material, and one of my most favorite supplies to work with! It’s very forgiving and therefore ideal for beginner artists. But also intermediate and advanced artists can use charcoal in all kinds of ways and let themselves be surprised by the versatility of this beautiful product.

Join me in this free, 30 minutes mini lesson and follow step by step how this charcoal portrait was made.

Free Rembrandt Mini Series

How did Rembrandt make his paint? What pigments did he use? How did he store his paints and what were some of his strategies and ‘tricks’ to paint as efficiently as possible?

In this free video series that I filmed in Rembrandt’s actual 17th century studio in Amsterdam, you’ll learn this and much, much more!

Free Video Tutorials

Who Are You?

Walking the Path

Black as Night

Transparent Light

Veiling, Unveiling


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