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Welcome! My name is Juna Biagioni, I’m an artist & art teacher, and I offer online art classes to people from all over the world. Art is my biggest passion! Making art is such a wonderful way to express myself, and as an art teacher I love to help students discover their own creativity and become more confident in making art. So come and join me to learn art, make art, and enjoy art!


Art Classes

Charcoal portrait class.

Mixed media portrait class.

Pastel portrait class.

In-depth charcoal portrait course.

In-depth mixed media portrait course.

In-depth pastel portrait course.

Free Mini Lesson


Charcoal Portrait
Mini Lesson

Want to learn how to draw portraits? I've got a free video lesson for you that shows you step by step how this portrait was made!


What students say

Drawing in the Soul is a very complete course, offering not only practical exercises but also a lot of theoretical knowledge. That makes me understand what I am doing. Juna generously shares her knowledge and without restraint – I experienced that as very special. Her feedback on my work is meticulous, constructive and very educational. Sometimes she asks questions so that I have to think for myself, which means that I learn to look better at my own work. This is my second course with Juna, and it offers so much value for money. I will definitely continue doing her classes.

Erni Kroondijk van Atten
The Netherlands

I thoroughly enjoyed The Many Faces of Charcoal. Charcoal is a new medium for me and Juna does a great job of explaining how to use the various forms of charcoal as well as additional helpful techniques. I loved all the lessons, but especially the ones incorporating gesso and texture. Learning how to create texture, fixing the charcoal so it doesn’t move, adding lines, using my tombow eraser more effectively, using paper towels and brushes, and being looser in my drawing were just a few of the things I learned! Juna is relaxing to listen to, the instructions are clear and the classes are fun. I highly recommend this class.

Cheri Spaid
United States

Drawing in the Soul was the most amazing class I have taken. When I did the very first exercise I was just so surprised that I actually did this. In each part of each module I learned about the different profiles, the use of color, line, values and so much more. Reading the feedback from my own projects and those of the other students was the most positive and helpful learning tool. I would recommend this class to all my friends. If you are going to take a class, put this one at the top of the list.

Ginny Patrick
United States

The Many Faces of Pastel took me – as a beginner – beyond my wildest dreams. Within the 6 weeks of the course Juna taught us how to use pastels of all sorts in many different ways so efficiently that I still can’t believe it was me who created all those pictures. I can’t choose a favourite lesson because I enjoyed them all!

Juna’s teaching style is perfect. Everything is spot on, from the provided downloads to the videos, which are packed with information and easy to follow. The exercises for every project where you explore techniques and supplies are most helpful. Her feedback is profound and very encouraging, actually this has been my highlight of the week. Also to mention is the lovely Facebook community where you can share your work and learn a lot from others.

The best thing is, that you not just complete single projects, but get the tools and the motivation to further explore and develop your style. Many teachers promise this, but here was the first time that it really happened. So yes, I would absoutely recommend The Many Faces of Pastel and any other of Juna’s courses!

Susanne Weber

Drawing in the Soul has been one of the most enriching experiences of my creative life. Juna’s gentle and remarkable way of teaching enters through the heart and soul. I am truly amazed in what has been opened within my art practice by Juna’s exceptional method of generous soul centred teaching.

Susan Davies

In Juna’s courses I learned so much… I love her courses for the simplicity of learning. Although my English is not excellent, her courses are clear to understand. She is a fantastic teacher and really offers a variety of ways to use the same material. Her feedbacks are exceptional to correct errors. I definitely recommended them!

Cinzia Valtorta

Drawing in the Soul is the best art course I have ever taken. It covers the main art concepts: value, line, colour and teaches many techniques in several media, as well as demonstrating facial proportions. Juna is a great teacher, is very encouraging and her feedback is extremely detailed and constructive. I have learned so much and have noticed that the other students in this group have improved markedly since their first posts. I would definitely recommend Drawing in the Soul to both beginners and experienced artists alike.

Leonore J

Although I have been painting with charcoal for several years, a new world opened up to me after taking the course The Many Faces of Charcoal. Juna guides you in a very professional way through the many facets and techniques of drawing and painting with charcoal and thanks to her constructive feedback she lifts you to a higher level. This was the best course I have ever taken. I recommend everyone to get started without any delay!

Suzie Serneels (Art Atelier Sus)

Juna Biagioni is a talented artist and masterful teacher. In her class Drawing in the Soul she exceeded all my expectations. I was challenged, which is what I wanted, but because her feedback was so instructive and graciously delivered, I could understand how to quickly improve my art. She is the best online teacher I have come across and I am so grateful I got to be one of her students!

Francie W. Gannon
United States

Let me just start with “I love Juna’s classes” and The Many Faces of Pastel is no exception. I learned so much in each lesson and am able to carry the techniques into all of my other work. Juna is an outstanding teacher. Her lessons are very thorough and so well executed. I love that she works in real time and explains each step of the process. An important part of Juna’s classes is the private Facebook group where students can upload their work and get valuable feedback from Juna. This attention to each student is another feature that makes the experience of being in one of Juna’s classes worth every penny and more. Thank you Juna for providing such wonderful learning opportunities.

Janice Price
United States

Drawing in the Soul is one of the best online courses I have ever taken. The clear instructions and the incredible amount of information, hints, tips, and the use of different mediums and methods was amazing! Incredible course!

Linda Flopsy Maher

Drawing in the Soul is the most important class I’ve taken so far in my art journey. I had no idea how to draw, but I knew instinctually if I was going to break rules by being an expressive artist, that I first needed to learn the rules.

I’ve referred back to these lessons many times, to add to my knowledge base. Juna designed a course scales above the typical standard “watch me”-structure that most art teachers do. Her interactions are more than glib social media responses: she goes under that superficiality and targets her comments on what you need to work on.

Faces are complex, you will work on them for years. Juna’s is the best foundational course you can take. There’s more packed into these twelve weeks than in a year-long course. If you want to go to the next level with your art, you have to put in the effort. Just do it!

Lynne Furrer
United States
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