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My name is Juna Biagioni, I’m a mixed media artist & online art teacher, and I live in the beautiful heart of Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Art is my biggest passion! Making art is such a wonderful way to express myself, and as an art teacher I love to help people discover their own creativity and become more confident in making art.

As a little girl I loved being creative, making music, drawing and writing stories. Later my focus shifted towards my education. I studied at university and received a master’s degree in Translation Studies (cum laude) and a master’s degree in Dutch Private Law. I set up my private translation business and worked as a translator for ten years.

However, when I was coming to the end of my thirties, I really began to miss a creative aspect in my life. I felt so much creative energy bubbling inside me, but I didn’t know how to express it. So I started to take online art classes, make art, and rediscovered my creative source. It was the beginning of a new and exciting journey into creating and teaching art.

My art

I work with various materials and supplies, such as acrylic paint, charcoal, pastel, oil paint sticks, oil pastels, collage, and more. Sometimes I combine these supplies in mixed media works, other times I use these materials on their own.

Some of my work is abstract, but most of my work is figurative – mainly portraits. I love to convey emotions and stories through faces! I try to capture some kind of ‘soul’ in my work – in an unpolished way. Soul can be soft, tender, and beautiful, but also difficult or raw. All these aspects are welcome in my work and interesting to explore.

Making art is very important in my life. I practice self-inquiry as a personal development path, focusing on learning to be present in the moment, to discern and be able to stay with anything I am experiencing, because it’s the only truth there really is.

And making art is a great way to put this into practice. It’s wonderful to just be in the creative flow, totally focused on the art that’s being created and nothing else. Feeling sometimes very serene and meditative, other times frustrated and with a lot of inner criticism, or very bubbly and alive. It’s always an exciting journey, not knowing what the next move will be and where it will take me. It teaches me to trust, to dare to let go and make bold moves, and to step out of my own way and just follow the process.

Connecting through art

It’s also wonderful to connect with others through my work, to share the stories behind it and to receive people’s comments and reactions. It gives me an opportunity to express parts of myself that otherwise I wouldn’t show as easily. But I also like to leave enough open space in my work to encourage the viewer to create their own story around it.

I want to point to a deeper reality, raising questions without giving any answers. I like to tickle curiosity and hope that people are touched and see their own deeper meaning into the artwork. The most amazing thing that can happen is when I hear from people that my art has touched them in one way or another, because it means that the artwork has a strength of its own, separate from me, which is able to move something in another person. That’s just pure magic.

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