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New lessons for just $10!

I'm beyond excited to announce that my Patreon site is now officially OPEN, yayy! I've been teaching art since 2015 and you can find my online classes on my website. However, I've also been looking for new ways to build community,…

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Free Mini Lesson!

Want to learn how to draw portraits? I've got a free video lesson for you that shows you step by step how this portrait was made!
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Charcoal portrait

A new charcoal portrait! I'm drawing more male faces lately, and I'm really enjoying that. This is also a more elderly person than what I mostly draw, and I loved doing that too. So interesting to work on all those…

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The Eagle

I have been playing with texture, patterns and negative space. Oh and yes: color! So much fun, I just love making monoprints... :-)
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Monoprinted portrait

I really loved making this portrait! All done in pastel, with a monoprinted base and only a few supplies: just one pastel pencil and one soft pastel crayon.
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Back to monoprinting

About 7 years ago I first discovered monoprinting, using a gel plate and working in an abstract style. And even though later my main focus became making portraits, it always kept calling...
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