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Free Mini Lesson!

Want to learn how to draw portraits? I've got a free video lesson for you that shows you step by step how this portrait was made!
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Drawing in the Soul is starting soon!

Drawing in the Soul is starting soon! This is a special event because I'm only hosting it once a year and offers personal feedback & support. If you'd like to join us, now is the time to sign up!
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Want to get better at drawing portraits?

Do you sometimes wish you could get more support and guidance when taking an online art class? That you worked on a project for a class, but then you'd like to get some real feedback and tips on how you can improve? Or that you feel ‘something is off’ but you can’t pinpoint exactly what?
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Art Bundle for Good #5 is back for 3 days!

I am one of the contributors of Art Bundle for Good #5: a package of over 100 art classes & resources from 75+ art teachers (including some of my favorites!). Now available for just $97 and 25% of the profits go to charity. Sale ends in just 3 days, so don't miss out!
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