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Visiting Rembrandt's Studio

A free video miniseries exploring Rembrandt’s paints, supplies, tools & tricks

How did Rembrandt make his paint? What pigments did he use? How did he store his paints and what were some of his strategies and ‘tricks’ to paint as efficiently as possible?

In this free video series that I’ve created exclusively for my newsletter subscribers you’ll learn this and much, much more!

The miniseries was recorded at the Rembrandt House Museum, in the beautiful historic center of Amsterdam. It’s the actual house where the famous Dutch artist lived and worked for almost two decades, and really gives you a lively experience of how Rembrandt’s life must have been there.

Visit Rembrandt's Studio

The miniseries consists of four short videos in which we’re visiting Rembrandt’s art studio. You’ll see a paint making demonstration and hear fun & interesting stories about how the famous painter used to work.

In a time where paint was prepared by hand and tubes didn’t exist, how did painters store their paint? What kind of materials did they use? And did you know that Rembrandt was a frugal painter too, who had his own tricks to make the painting look as if only the most rich and expensive pigments were used?

In this 36 minutes video series you’ll learn this, and much more!

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