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Esther Hill


On The Many Faces of Charcoal

I joined Juna Biagioni’s class The Many Faces of Charcoal with the intention of completing the 6 week course, however life/art got in the way and I found I could only complete one lesson. I must say that even though I have not advanced far with it (but I do intend to, when I can find that window of time), I found Juna’s classes really enjoyable to listen to, easy to follow, and the course well structured. Juna gives a lot of in-depth knowledge of the use of the medium, and that was what I was after. Such a beautiful instructor. The beauty of the course too, is that it is yours to keep if you find yourselves in a position that I am in. Do it! You’ll love it! Thank you, Juna and many blessings!

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