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Donna Kahn

United States

On Drawing in the Soul

I have taken many online art courses using a variety of mediums but Drawing in the Soul is the most comprehensive and enjoyable course I have taken. Juna’s style of teaching is gentle, suggestive and organized. There is so much content in the class, printable instructions, reference photos, so much valuable information that I now have a whole binder for future reference.

It is apparent that Juna has invested many hours in preparation of the material and demonstrates her processes in real time so we can see exactly how she does her work and all the iterations she may have to go through to achieve the result she wants.

Her feedback process was extremely valuable to me. I was able to submit my work and my analysis of it so that she could provide a step-by-step guide for improvement. She was very gentle with her critiques and yet always provided detailed instruction for improvement. The hours that she must spend in providing such detailed feedback is unlike any instructor I have had to date.

Not only was the 12 week course enjoyable but I am walking away feeling like I have actually learned about technique, color, value, composition, materials and more. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who really cares about learning how to paint portraits. I will miss having this class to look forward to each week.

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