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Bev Walker

United States

On Drawing in the Soul

Drawing in the Soul exceeded all my expectations! Juna is a knowledgeable, inspiring teacher. Her expert instruction allows success for even a beginning artist, but will challenge seasoned artists as well. The projects were many and varied and provide a great opportunity to try out many mediums. Juna gently guides you through a series of well-planned lessons to learn how to create portraits using value, line, color and then the ultimate, “drawing in the soul”. In addition to the lessons, Juna provides the opportunity for detailed feedback through an incredibly effective online, interactive method. This benefits both the individual student and the entire group because it is provided for everyone in the Facebook group. I highly recommend this course if you want to learn to create portraits in many mediums, but especially if you want to learn to create that “extra” something to really capture the “soul” of a portrait.

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