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No End But A New Beginning – New YouTube video – Day 29

It’s the final day of Gel Printing July, wow! In today’s video I’m doing some acrylic freestyling again, which is one of my favorite techniques on the gel plate. I’m chatting about how this month long experience has been, and what’s next for my channel (spoiler alert: I’ll be back next week with weekly videos, yay!). ❤️

About Gel Printing July

During the month of July I've taken on the challenge of doing a gel printing session every day! The reason is that a challenge like this is a wonderful opportunity to make time for a regular art practice, to get over my perfectionism, and to acquire a lot of knowledge about the subject in a short time.

And... I'm stepping up the challenge by posting a daily video of the process on my YouTube channel! In the videos I'm taking you with me in my studio, showing you the ups and downs, what I learn and what I experience. I hope you're inspired and will join me, in whatever way feels good to you!

Watch the journey from Day 1 by clicking the button below!

Watch Gel Printing July on YouTube!
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