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New lesson for May!

My new Patreon lesson for the month of May is now available! 😀

If you’ve never heard of Patreon before: it’s a platform where I’m hosting monthly art lessons and projects.

In this lesson we’re going to draw a downward tilted head, using just one pastel pencil. Actually, I created two versions of this portrait, using two very different methods: the first by measuring all the proportions carefully, but I didn’t like the outcome. And the second by working in a more gestural, loose and intuitive way, which turned out to be a portrait that I reallly love. Both versions however were important for the final outcome.

What is special about this lesson, is that I show both processes side by side, so that you can immediately see and compare the differences.

This is a great lesson if you want to learn how to draw in soft, loose and free style while also creating a more challenging head direction like a downward tilted head.

  • In the first video of this lesson I’ll show you how I created the first version of my portrait. You’ll learn about the main proportions of a downward tilted head, and how I take my measurements using my pencil and sometimes a compass.
  • You’ll also learn ways to work in a more gestural, loose and intuitive way, which I’ll show in the second video where I create the second version of the portrait. I love how this portrait turned out, because it shows softness and depth.
  • In the final video I’ll show the drawing process of both versions side-by-side, so that we can compare both approaches. Even though I didn’t like how the first version turned out, I do think that it helped me in creating my second version, the portrait that I like.

I really loved making this lesson, and I hope you’ll enjoy it! Click here to check it out.

About My Patreon

This is what my monthly Patreon offer looks like:

  • Monthly art video projects
  • Access to the Video Library with current and previous art projects
  • Gel Print Fundamentals video series

What does it cost:

You can join for as little as 3 USD per month.

No strings attached: change your tier or cancel your subscription at any time.

Check it out:

Want to join me or have a look at what exactly is available? Just click the button below to go to my Patreon site.

With your support I am able to create monthly new art project videos, stay in regular contact with you all, and build our own community where we can learn, share and connect! ❤️

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