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New lesson for June

My new Patreon lesson for the month of June is now available! 😀

If you’ve never heard of Patreon before: it’s a platform where I’m hosting monthly art lessons and projects.

In this month’s project we’re going to play and experiment with paint and pastel, creating a portrait in a loose and free style.

I hadn’t worked with paint and brushes for quite a while, so it was good to challenge myself this month and just see how it would go. I loved working with the drybrush technique and pastel to create interesting texture and edges. So much fun to work very loosely and freely, without adding lots of detail but keeping certain parts more ambiguous and open.

This month’s project was so much fun to make and I hope you’ll enjoy it! Click here to check it out.

About My Patreon

This is what my monthly Patreon offer looks like:

Every month I'll create a new art video project for my Patrons. This means that each month I'm taking you with me in my art studio and film a project that I'm working on. From start to finish, showing, explaining and telling you what I do and why I do it.

It can be an actual lesson or a more experimental project. It can be portraiture or abstract art. It can be drawing, painting, collage, monoprinting or other techniques. But it will always be something that I'm excited about and that will be an inspiration for you to try out & explore as well.

This month you get the following:

In this month of June there are three monthly projects available!

  • Paint, Pastel, Texture & Edges: a lesson in which we're going to play and experiment with paint and pastel, creating a portrait in a loose and free style
  • Two Faces – One Portrait: in this lesson we're going to create a beautiful downward looking portrait, working with only one pastel pencil
  • Reflections of Gratitude: fun lesson working with alcohol markers in a surprising way (first taught in Life Book 2021).

What does it cost:

The price for the monthly projects tier is $10 (plus vat or sales tax if applicable in your country). That gives you access to all monthly projects!

There are two other tiers as well: one lower tier if you'd like to just connect & be part of the community, and one higher tier if you'd like to get access to all video projects in the library.

Cancel or switch anytime:

You can join however you like, because you can change your tier or cancel your subscription at any time.

Check it out:

Want to join me or have a look at what exactly is available? Just click the button below to go to my Patreon site.

With your support I will be able to create monthly new art project videos, stay in regular contact with you all, and build our own community where we can learn, share and connect.

I'm super excited and thankful to start this journey today and I hope you'll join me! ❤️

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