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Drawing children

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I have been drawing children lately! And then mainly happy children, in situations that make me smile.

This is new to me – both to draw children and drawing them with a smiling face. And I must say it’s a huge challenge, especially trying to make them laugh. Often times the face can appear a bit ‘mask’ like when drawing a laughing person. But I find that when I create the drawing in this sketchy style (and after trying several times) it somehow works.

I’m also drawing them in full figure, which isn’t something I’ve done often either. Again, this is a challenge as well, because I don’t want to draw them in a ‘static’ position but try to recreate those wonderful and cute poses that toddlers and young children can take. Not too sweet, but playful and natural.

So lots of new experiments and I really had a great time drawing these children! 🙂

Charcoal and white hard pastel on toned paper.

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