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Charcoal portrait

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A new charcoal portrait! I’m drawing more male faces lately, and I’m really enjoying that. This is also a more elderly person than what I mostly draw, and I loved doing that too. So interesting to work on all those beautiful wrinkles and lines, which make the face so fascinating, full of life’s experiences…

I created this drawing for one of my lessons in Let’s Face It 2022. For this lesson I developed a really simple method that helps students to focus on getting the facial proportions and measurements right – without having to do a lot of measuring – while also keeping their work loose and free. This works really well, and I’m excited to teach it to my students!

Let’s Face It is a year-long class, which you can start anytime. If you’d like to join us, then click here for all info and to sign up. I hope to see you there! 🙂

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