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Tracy Carey


On Drawing in the Soul

Drawing in the Soul with Juna Biagioni was a truly wonderfull class, one of the best on line courses I have done. Juna shares her extensive knowledge and new techniques for creating portraits every week to build your skills base, focusing on mapping out portraits, and using value, line work, contrast and saturation with colour to produce soul in your drawings and paintings. She also offers personal, detailed critique of each project which was invaluable, demonstrating how small corrections can really improve your work and help you to ‘see’ your subject better. I could see definite growth in my art throughout the course and I will incorporate all the new techniques I learned from this course going forward. I highly recommend this course. I am sure artists of all levels will benefit from Juna’s teaching. I will definitely do more courses with Juna. ❤️❤️❤️

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