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Susanne Weber


On Drawing in the Soul

12 weeks of intense studying, facing challenges and being chuffed about the results are over – alas. Drawing in the Soul is one of the most comprehensive portrait courses because it covers lots of different styles and art supplies. The videos are pure pleasure to follow, always getting straight to the point and professionally made. The self-evaluation of our work (what we liked and didn’t like), and the need to phrase questions correctly and in relation to the topic when submitting for feedback in the lovely Facebook group, was a great learning process and kept me alert. Juna’s feedback was first class, with lots of helpful analyses and comments and interactive versions too. She taught me to loosen up, to think and experiment further and stick to my work, even if I am not happy with it, because there is always something that can be done to make it better (and sometimes the best faces emerge after you have wiped away everything 😉). I enjoyed every minute with my fellow students in our virtual classroom, and I hope Juna will release many more courses in the future!

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