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What participants say...
Maxine Schutter

United States

On Drawing in the Soul

From the first moment I saw Juna Biagoni’s work I was mezmerized. She seemed to me a sculptor, where beautiful faces and features appeared from nowhere. I signed up immediately for Drawing in the Soul and counted the days until the class began.

I have not been disappointed. I now can, even as a beginner, have faces appear that surprise and delight me. Juna’s ability to teach is superb. She is thorough, generous in her sharing and the range of projects in the class is fantastic. The best part is her gentleness and support in her feedback. I know of no other class where the feedback is so detailed and thorough. Juna’s feedback draws you to your next step, shows you what you are headed.

Drawing in the Soul has completing changed my ability to see. This is the only class where I have actually faced my resistance, even though I was over my head as a beginner and did the assignments. I adore Juna Biagoni. I am so grateful. There is no one better.

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