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On Drawing in the Soul

Drawing in the Soul is a course I wish everyone could take. The knowledge that Juna shares, in text, in her step by step videos, in personal messages and in her gentle and generous feedback is un-paralleled, and to be able to download the course and keep it forever is something I never anticipated. I’ve never witnessed anything even similar to this in any class I’ve ever taken – online or in person.

The scope of the course may at first seem daunting, but each week focuses on a very clearly defined goal, and those three weeks designed to allow everyone time to catch up or further develop their work, come at precisely the right moment. Week after week, I watched the portraits that my fellow students posted evolve into works of breathtaking beauty, matched by their generosity and genuine and knowledgeable feedback, a true testimony to Juna’s guidance. I’m thrilled that Drawing in the Soul will be offered again. I’ve already registered.

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