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Julie Lee

United Kingdom

On The Many Faces of Pastel

I learned so much from The Many Faces of Pastel – from useful measuring methods to wet and dry techniques with soft and hard pastels. I knew very little about what can be done with pastels when I started, but by the end of the course I knew so much more about materials and how to use them effectively that they seemed a completely different medium to what I had expected. Juna provides useful information on different papers, types of pastel and tools and how these can be used – both treated and untreated – to create a variety of effects.

The lessons are great for all levels, clear and well explained yet giving plenty of scope for adapting the techniques to the student’s own style. I found each of the projects informative and satisfying to complete and also fun and I scanned my inbox eagerly each week for my lesson. Learning to paint with pastel pigment was a revelation.

Perhaps what stands out for me is the quality of Juna’s teaching. She is inspiring and encouraging, creating a space for her students in which they can feel safe and supported while free to experiment and make discoveries of their own about their strengths and interests. I always feel that I have gained in self confidence after Juna’s lessons. Her feedback is detailed and specific where students ask for this and she really seems to get to know and to take an interest in each individual student. I really cannot recommend this course highly enough.

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