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Donna Wilson Irwin

United States

On Drawing in the Soul

What did I learn in Drawing in the Soul? I have had many different classes on drawing a face, but this one spoke to me the most. I learned to really look at line and how much it can change a face. Line is critical. Then value, again equally important to catch the essence of the portrait. How easy it is to not see what is there, when you are focusing on line. I loved learning about glazing techniques, I had never done that before.

What was outstanding to me though was the feedback. This is where I learned the most, to see other students’ work. I would first try to figure out what was wrong, then read Juna’s input. That allowed me to grow as a student. Often I would get it, but sometimes I didn’t.

Thank you so much Juna for all that you put into the classes and it was amazing to see all your students grow online. I did sign up for your two other classes and can’t wait!

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