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The Netherlands

On Drawing in the Soul

In Drawing in the Soul I learned to loosen up, just what I was longing for. This process was very challenging for me and still is. But I made a start now. Working with charcoal and pastel was very new (and scary) for me, so I was hesitating long time for starting this course. I also was in doubt about the level of the course, the work I had seen, if I was capable to it. But Juna’s teaching is so very soothing and clear that it all went naturally. It made me push my boundaries.

The lessons where we combined charcoal, hard pastel and soft pastel I loved the most. Working in layers, to see a face appear with emotion, feels great. I also learned not to give up quickly, take distance, start over again another moment. Making mistakes is not the end of the world. You can always change, erase or start over your drawing. Juna’s feedback was always very extensive, I was never left alone with questions.

This course changed my life, which I did not expect. When I wake up in the morning I want to rush to my easel! Drawing became my daily habit. I organised a little studio in the corner of my livingroom, it’s like a holy place for me. I highly recommend this course to everyone. It brought me so much more than I expected! Juna, thank you so much.

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