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Want to get better at drawing portraits?

Do you sometimes wish you could get more support and guidance when taking an online art class, creative friend?

That you worked on a project for a class, but then you’d like to get some real feedback and tips on how you can improve?

Or that you feel ‘something is off’ but you can’t pinpoint exactly what?

Once a year I’m hosting my mixed media portrait class Drawing in the Soul as a live online summer class.

This is a unique experience, because during the 12 weeks of this summer class I am available to give in-depth feedback on your work, and to guide and support you in your learning process.

The feedback can be provided in the form of written texts, but can also be illustrated with visuals, offering a unique and powerful way to learn and to hone your artistic skills.

Check out the video below, where I’m explaining more in detail what this summer class actually looks like and what the unique benefits are.

About Drawing in the Soul

Drawing in the Soul is a foundational art course in which you’ll learn step by step how to draw and paint female portraits. We’ll start from the very basics and build up to more advanced levels. It is one of my most popular online courses, taken by over 800 people – from complete beginners to more experienced artists.

The live online Summer Class version of this course truly is a unique event! It’s hosted once a year and offers the opportunity to get in-depth feedback, support and guidance during the 12 weeks of the class.

Twelve weeks of learning, fun and support, together with a group of students from all over the world!

Want to know more? Just click the button below for all info.

Learn More

Please note: the number of available spots for this class is limited, due to the personalized feedback that will be given.

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