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I have been filming for a new online pastel portrait class that I’m developing! So exciting, but can’t tell you the details yet, it’s still evolving! 🙂

I loved working on this portrait, it really was an awesome project to be making. All with just one simple pastel pencil…

Pastel pencil on Rives BFK paper. Reference photo by Julie Lee.

Are you curious about pastel or do you love pastel just as much as I do? I’m currently developing an online pastel portrait class in which you’ll learn all about this wonderful and versatile medium. Check it out via this link.


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  1. I will look forward to this Juna. Getting interested in portraits is something I have developed rather suddenly after enrolling in the “Let’s Face It” programs.
    I have been taking art classes for about 8 years, but I really had very little time to do too much work. I also shunned the portrait and figure classes.

    Well. Now I have “Done an About Face”

    Thank you Juna

    1. Hi Margaret, thanks for stopping by! Lovely to hear that you picked up portraiture and figure art through Let’s Face It. It’s such a wonderful genre, at least to me it is! 🙂 So have fun making faces and I look forward to seeing your work in the future!

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