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A new round of my charcoal portrait class The Many Faces of Charcoal is going to start in just a few weeks! I’m so excited about this class, and behind the scenes I’m working hard to get everything ready on time so that the registration next week can open smoothly. 🙂

And what’s more: I’m going to give away one free spot! Yay! So continue reading below to find out more about this class and how you can enter the giveaway.

About this class

The Many Faces of Charcoal is an online charcoal portrait course which runs for six weeks.

Each week we’ll start with an exercise to get familiar with the supplies and loosen up a little. Then we’ll do a full, in-dept project in which we’re going to create a charcoal portrait from start to finish. Every project will be different, using different techniques or styles. I will show and tell you exactly what I do and why I do it, so you can learn & practice the techniques and implement them in the future in your own style.

You get lifetime access to the course website and all videos can be downloaded, so you can keep them forever.

Want to know more? Click here to learn more about The Many Faces of Charcoal.

Practical Info

Registration opens: August 19
Class begins: September 9

Click here for more detailed info on The Many Faces of Charcoal

If you register before August 26, you will get an early bird discount on the price!

Keep this page bookmarked so that you can sign up the moment registration opens!


I am going to give away a free spot in The Many Faces of Charcoal to one lucky winner, yay! Everyone can enter, just make sure to do so before August 19.

To enter the giveaway please follow these 3 steps:

  1. Sign up to my newsletter (click here), if you aren’t already subscribed. This will also give you access to a free charcoal portrait mini lesson!
  2. Share this giveaway on social media and tell in your post why you would love to join The Many Faces of Charcoal. Include this link in your post, or use one of the social media sharing buttons below.
  3. Leave a comment below stating on which social media platform you shared this giveaway.

The giveaway closes on Monday August 19 and I will announce the winner here on my blog. The winner will be contacted by email, so please ensure your email address is valid.

Good luck!! 🙂

We have a winner!

The winner of the free spot in The Many Faces of Charcoal is…

Thanks so much to all of you who participated in this giveaway. It was a pleasure to read all your comments and your kind words! If you did not win the free spot: the Early Bird registration for the course is now open and available only this week. Click here to sign up. See you in class! 🙂

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  1. I just posted that I was using Instagram but it wouldn’t work so I posted on Facebook. Thank you

  2. I would be so excited to win classes for the Many Faces of Charcoal because I would love the opportunity to learn drawing with charcoal in more detail. I think it would give me more confidence with the Drawing in the Soul classes I’m currently taking.
    I’ve shared this link on my FB account.
    Thank you, Juna for the opportunity!

  3. I would love to win a free spot. Thank you for the opportunity to learn your technique. Shared on FB and Twitter.

  4. Hoping an praying to win this spot. REALLY want to learn to draw with Charcoal. Shared on Facebook

  5. YAY ! Thank you for a giveaway Juan! I am sharing the page in instagram !! Have always want to take this class!!

  6. Prachtig dat tekenen met houtskool. Ik hou van tekenen. Mijn passie. Wil graag nog verder leren. Gedeeld op Facebook.

  7. I am sharing on Facebook…… Ann Woods Arnold is my FB profile.
    Hoping I win it!!! 😉

  8. Shared on Facebook. I would love to get another chance to learn from you. You were my favorite lesson on Just Face it 2017. wish me luck!

  9. Shared on facebook – the charcoal face class looks like it would be a great learning experience.

  10. Juna ik heb je link gedeeld op mijn Instagram account: @borntobefree1972
    Hopelijk tot snel 🌞

  11. Shared on FB! Thanks for the chance to win a spot in this awesone course Juna, and keeping my fingers crossed as I love to get more skilled in charcoal portraits. I love your work 😘

  12. Ik heb deze gedeeld op facebook om te winnen voor mijn australische nichtje Karin Oerlemans
    Groet, Erni

  13. I shared on my Facebook page. I have signed up for other classes awhile ago.. I am already signed up for your newsletter.

  14. Charcoal is a medium I have always wanted to try but not knowing where to start has left me with an unopened box of charcoal sitting on my desk for over 2 years. I did life book 2018 and absolutely loved your teaching style and techniques as you explain the steps very clearly. Doing this class would be such an amazing opportunity to develop my art style with portraits as it is my favourite subject to create 💗 shared on facebook

  15. Thank you for this chance to win a spot! Love charcoal! Shared on Twitter: @ainoshp

  16. I shared on FB and Instagram (@frufroufrou). I discovered portrait drawing with charcoal in Juna´s class “Drawing in the soul”. Since then I´ve been fascinated by the versatility of this medium. I would love to win a spot in “Charcoal many faces” and get the opportunity to dive in drawing portrait with charcoal under Juna´s guidande.

  17. Whoops I wrote the wrong address in my entry. I’m sharing this post on my Instagram

  18. Hi, I would love to win this course. I have been following you for a long time. I shared this on my facebook page and have been subscribed for about two years, I think! Please, I would love to win, I live in South Africa, just to expensive to buy the courses in dollar here!

  19. I have been enjoying your YouTube videos and samples from your website. Love your work and would love the opportunity to take this class! Posted on Twitter.

  20. Published in FB. I would love to win the spot because I already know you Juna as an instructor. Bye now

  21. I shared it on my FB Fan Page @shaiunleashed – thank you for offering this! I used to love charcoal but I only used it in college and never really mastered it. It was so much fun, though!

  22. I am already an email subscriber I took my very first drawing course with you, Juna, (Drawing with the soul) and this gave me passion for portraits drawing and painting. I never tought I would be able to draw like I do now. . I learned so much (even learned to speak english !), thank you so much from french Canada 😊

  23. PS I am already subscribed to the Newsletter and I am sharing on Facebook. Many thanks for this opportunity.

  24. I would love to win a place on Juna’s ‘Many Faces of Charcoal’, as this year I’ve become fascinated with this medium. I’ve become very interested in portraits and the ways in which charcoal can be used to render intensely emotional and expressive faces. I think Juna’s work is beautiful and I would love the opportunity of taking a class with her.

  25. I would love to join Juna on her course to learn to catch a soul drawing with charcoal on facebook it says so. Fingers crossed! Thanks sweetie.

  26. Shared/posted on FB. Would love to win a spot in this class, I am in love with your charcoal portraits!

  27. I shared on Facebook Juna because I really do think you’re the best and everyone should experience you.

  28. Hi I am a stay home caregiver. I would like this class to help with my drawing technique. I have taken your classes in the past and fill that you are not only a great artist, but a great teacher. The approach you have in teaching is very relatable.
    Thank you

  29. I shared your post on Facebook and I would love to take your class. You do amazing work and I have always wanted to do portraits. I have 10 grandchildren and 4 great and would love to do a portrait of each one of them.

  30. Ik ben zeer geïnteresseerd in deze online cursus omdat ik wel wat meer met houtskool zou willen werken. Heb wel al een beetje ervaring met houtskool maar ben altijd benieuwd naar nieuwe technieken. Ben bovendien super tevreden over de manier waarop u les geeft. Heb reeds veel bijgeleerd in de online cursus : Drawing in the Soul. Heb dit gedeeld op Facebook.

  31. I would love to win a free class because I love your art. And my birthday is this coming Tuesday the 20th.

  32. I absolutely LOVE your wonderful art.

    It truly is from deep within your Soul.

    Thank you for caring and sharing with the novice creative peeps out here.

  33. Thank you for this chance! I just did your lesson in Let’s Face it and just adore your teaching style… So sweet and gentle… I shared on Instagram. 💚

  34. I am already an email subscriber, and I shared this post on my facebook page along with the link. Charcoal scares me I love the simplicity of it, quick and easy to use but I can never make it look any good, would love to win this class and learn how to master this medium.

  35. Juan your work inspires me soon much. Thank you for sharing and this great opportunity.

  36. Hi Juna. I love your beautiful work, so thanks for the opportunity to win a spot on your course. I’ve shared to Facebook, and I already subscribe to your newsletter. 🙂

  37. Ik heb deze give away op facebook en instagram gedeeld
    Ik zou deze willen winnen omdat ik het fijn vind om met houtskool te werken en zo dieper in te gaan op deze techniek…
    Bedankt voor de kans💕🤸‍♀️

  38. As Drawing in the Soul only has 2 weeks left, I would so love to continue learning from you. Shared on Facebook.

  39. I just shared on Facebook! I hope my friends will join me in this course, it looks amazing!

  40. I would love to win this as I have a hard time with portraits. I learned from my teacher but basically just watched. I would like to learn to draw on my own. Thank you for this opportunity

  41. Love charcoal and your portraits are very special, it would be amazing to take this class. Shared on Instagram

  42. I would love to win this spot. Thanks, Juna , for the change to take your class!!

  43. I signed up for your newsletter and I shared on Facebook and on tweeter! Thank you for the opportunity! ❤️

  44. Shared on Facebook and instagram.
    I love this wonderful artist. I’m going to do her next course to go a bit deeper with charcoal and portraits.

  45. facebook never give a chance to charcole carbinilla in my language …..seems too dificult
    thank you for the oportunity

  46. I am still trying to find my niche in the art world. I have not played much charcoal nor done many faces. Would love this as a starting point!

  47. shared it on facebook telling how much I appreciate the forgiving properties of charcoal. I would love to learn more techniques applying this media

  48. I am already a subscriber. Shared on twitter @Rebeccafurf and on facebook Rebecca Ruff.

  49. I love your work so much! I posted the give away contest on my Facebook page. Crossing my fingers that I might win the spot in your charcoal portrait class. Thanks 🙂

  50. I would love to be part of your charcoal lessons, because I think its a very intimidating medium. But I think its a grest medium also. I have tried it this weekend and het smaakt naar meer. Ik heb gedeeld op FB en instagram

  51. I would love to be part of your lessons in charcoal. I find it very intimidating, i have tried it this weekend for the first time and het smaakt naar meer

  52. Juna, thank you so much for the opportunity. A relative of mine was just visiting Rijksmuseum & so impressed when I showed her your video. My post is at Facebook @ArtisticeElements. 😍

  53. Thanks for this offering. What a fabulous opportunity to learn this beautiful medium. So, I shared on Facebook and Twitter. Wishing myself a bit of luck 😃👏🏻🤷🏻‍♀️

  54. Shared on FB. Thanks for the chance! I am starting to love charcoal so a spot would be GREAT!!!

  55. Shared to Facebook. Would love the opportunity to continue with what ‘we’ started with the mini free course. Charcoal is something I haven’t much experience with. Thank you for this chance!

  56. Hello Juna,
    This is really anice incredible opportunity! And also a playful one.
    I’ll share this announcement on Facebook and I’ll tag you!

    Hopefully, fingers crossed!

  57. Hi Juna,
    I forwarded your Giveaway for MANY FACES OF CHARCOAL on my Facebook page so it will reach all my friends on social media.

  58. I shared on FB. I’d love to win this class. I haven’t painted in 2 yrs because I’m in a painting dark hole and this class would help get back my mojo.

  59. I started drawing with charcoal this year. I am loving the way charcoal allows me to be soft and also dramatic in the way I draw especially faces. It’s dirty, and fun .
    I love Juna’s style with people drawing, it just speaks to me, I can tell straight away its her drawing.
    I loved the video from the Rijks Museum, what a wonderful way to show the art.
    I would love to learn in this 6 week course .
    Christine <3

  60. I shared on FB. I am so grateful that I am taking the Drawing in the soul class. I almost didn’t because I knew it was so far over my head. I have learned so much this summer from you ,Juna. Thank you for the chance to win the spot in The Many Faces of charcoal.

  61. I shared on Facebook. Thanks for the opportunity to win a spot in this class. ✌️👩‍🎨🎨

  62. Have posted on Facebook Juna and would soooooo love the opportunity of joining and learning from you again in this class.

  63. I don’t see my original post here. But I did forget to mention that I shared on Facebook. I would love to win a spot in your Many Faces of Charcoal class. I love all of your work. Congratulations again on being selected to be a part of the Long Live Rembrandt exhibition! Well done, you deserve it. Thank you.

  64. Hi Juna
    I think I can do this time the new workshop. I’m still in medical treatment. I really hope that I’m fit enough to paint until September.
    I want to learn more from you, and to paint these great backgrounds.
    To win this giveaway would be an absolute highlife for me.
    Thank you for this great opportunity.
    Bye Marianna (Danslaterre )
    I’m in hospital and can’t share the link in the social media yet .. I hope it doesn’t matter for the Giveaway ( I did it I the first round)

  65. Thank you for the chance to win a spot in your Many Faces of Charcoal class Juna. I would love to take this class. I absolutely love ALL of your work. Congratulations again on being part of the Long Live Rembrandt exhibition. Well done!
    Thank you.

  66. I love your delicate and beautiful work, Juna. Great line work and such emotive portraits. I also love charcoal! I’d be thrilled to win a spot in this class!

  67. Zou heel graag een plekje winnen. Even weer wat positiefs om naar uit te kijken.
    Liefs Sandra

  68. Hello Lovely,
    Thank you for this awesome opportunity. I shared the link via FB.
    Have a wonderful week.
    Blessed be

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