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My charcoal portrait class The Many Faces of Charcoal is going to start in just a few weeks! I’m so excited about this new class, and behind the scenes I’m working hard to get everything ready on time so that the registration next week can open smoothly. 🙂

And what’s more: I’m going to give away one free spot! Yay! So continue reading below to find out more about this class and how you can enter the giveaway.

About this class

The Many Faces of Charcoal is an online charcoal portrait course which starts March 4 and runs for six weeks.

Each week we’ll start with an exercise to get familiar with the supplies and loosen up a little. Then we’ll do a full, in-dept project in which we’re going to create a charcoal portrait from start to finish. Every project will be different, using different techniques or styles. I will show and tell you exactly what I do and why I do it, so you can learn & practice the techniques and implement them in the future in your own style.

You get lifetime access to the course website and all videos can be downloaded, so you can keep them forever.

Want to know more? Click here to learn more about The Many Faces of Charcoal.

Practical Info

Registration opens: February 4
Class begins: March 4

Click here for more detailed info on The Many Faces of Charcoal

If you register before February 11, you will get an early bird discount on the price!

Keep this page bookmarked so that you can sign up the moment registration opens!


I am going to give away a free spot in The Many Faces of Charcoal to one lucky winner, yay! Everyone can enter, just make sure to do so before February 4.

To enter the giveaway please follow these 3 steps:

  1. Sign up to my newsletter (click here), if you aren’t already subscribed. This will also give you access to my free charcoal portrait mini lesson!
  2. Share this giveaway on social media and tell in your post why you would love to join The Many Faces of Charcoal. Include this link in your post, or use one of the social media sharing buttons below.
  3. Leave a comment below stating on which social media platform you shared this giveaway.

The giveaway closes on Monday February 4 and I will announce the winner here on my blog. The winner will be contacted by email, so please ensure your email address is valid.

Good luck!! 🙂

We have a winner!

The winner of the free spot in The Many Faces of Charcoal is…

Thanks so much to all of you who participated in this giveaway. It was a pleasure to read all your comments and your kind words! If you did not win the free spot: the Early Bird registration for the course is now open and available only this week. Click here to sign up. See you in class! 🙂

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  2. Shared your newsletter with 5 email friends. I live in South Africa and have been following you and receiving your newsletter monthly. Watched your u tube videos and done the free lesson. I love to paint faces, but really want to learn more!!

  3. I emailed your newsletter to 5 friends. I live in South Africa and have been following your newsletter since last year! I just love painting faces and have learned so much from your u-tube and the free lesson!

  4. I would love to win a spot on this course to learn about different mediums and new techniques to create portraits..Thankyou Juan for the opportunity to enter. ❤️

  5. I absolutely love your classes and I would be honoured to win a spot in your newest class. Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity. I have shared this on my Facebook page. Good luck to everyone

  6. I would love to win this as I am such a beginner and truely love learning all types of art – I make me happy when I do my art it is for me only and it so what I enjoy each night to sit and relax and just watch what comes out of my hand

  7. I’ve shared this free giveway in my Facebookpage. I really like to win this, because I like Juna’s style so much.

  8. I would absolutely LOVE to be able to win a spot in this class. I’m trying and trying to work on drawing faces better, and I think concentrating on shading without color will help a lot. I Pinned the class to a couple of art pinterest boards I have (I know, it’s a search engine rather than social media, but I think it will get more exposure this way).

  9. Het lijkt me fijn deze lessen te mogen winnen om zo te ontdekken met welke andere materialen dan houtskool ik deze lessen tot een goed einde kan brengen. Leuk een nieuwe uitdaging. Ik heb het bericht gedeeld op Facebook.

  10. I love your portraits in Charcoal. I wish I could draw like that ! Shared in Facebook !

  11. Oh my goodness have received your free lesson you so kindly have given to everyone. Love how you teach. Thank you.
    I would love to win this course to learn from you and get to know more about how to use charcoal.

  12. I shared your giveaway on Facebook and Pinterest, thanks for the opportunity to win you class…

  13. Shared on my Facebook page Flourish of Faith. This page is designed to to encourage others to use art to deal with pain and breast cancer. Thanks for the chance to win!

  14. Juna, your classes are always inspiring offering unique challenges. I would love to join mainly because I know you are a truly dedicated instructor and my need to learn the joy of charcoal. Thank you for this opportunity to be considered for your upcoming class. 🎨

  15. I would love to learn more about creating realistic faces! It’s on my list of goals for February & March lol!

  16. I shared the below comment …on my story on fb. This course looks amazing. Looking fwd to doing it. Incredible that you can do soooo much with a simple piece of charcoal.

  17. I love charcoal too 🥰 there’s always so much more to learn and develop and Juna’s style is wonderful – shared x Facebook

  18. I’ve haven’t worked with charcoal in 30 plus years. I would love to learn again. Thank you.

  19. I watched your mini portrait class and going through your blog now. Your instruction was very good. Very intrigued. Would absolutely love to win a free spot in your 6 wk course. I have always loved faces, old and young, and would love to be able to draw and work like this.

  20. Done! Posted on FB earlier this week, but I’m not sure my entry counted because I didn’t comment here. I would love to win a chance to learn how to soften my portraits. I love charcoal but my drawing always come out hard looking.

  21. I would love to win so I can learn to work with charcoal… charcoal is such a beautiful medium and I own a lot of different ones but never use them because I am afraid to. Thanks for the opportunity to win a spot! :

  22. I would love to win so I can learn to work with charcoal… the outcome from using it is always so beautiful and I own a lot of different ones but never use them because I am afraid to. Thanks for the opportunity to win a spot! 🙂

  23. Ik heb geschreven over een vriendin die eerder les had en zo enorm veel geleerd heeft toen dat ik dacht dat wil ik ook.
    Inschrijven doe ik zondermeer maar ik hoop dat ik de freespot win.
    Groet José
    ps. Ik heb mijn account op facebook gebruikt

  24. Juna is a great teacher. I took a lesson in LFI and loved it. I sent information about this course in FB

  25. Done! I love to learn more over and work with charcoal. I have it but never worked with it because I don’t know how.

    Shared on Facebook and Twitter.

  26. I absolutely love love love Juna’s work and wish to get this giveaway space in her new course. Keep g my course to get the invite for this. 🙂

  27. Absolutely in love with Juna’s work. Hoping and praying to get a spot in this interesting course. Kerr ping my fingers crossed.

  28. What a wonderful opportunity this is ! Since I lost my voice in 2015 ( due to thyroid cancer) painting and drawing are my best way to express myself and keep my emotional sanity . Portraits are my preferred theme , I enjoyed your free lesson and I am anxious to improve my skills capturing people souls as you do .
    I shared your post on Facebook .

  29. Your artwork is exceptional and I would be honored to win a spot in your class. I need to grow in my art journey and develop my best version of my own style. I shared your link. Thank you and wishing good things your way.

  30. Shared on Facebook, would love to win a spot! Would love to learn to work with charcoal 😊 and your work is amazing!

  31. Thank you for this opportunity, Juna. I have just seen your mini-lesson using charcoal and AI live it. Would welcome the opportunity to learn more
    I shared on FB.

  32. Thank you for this opportunity, Juna. I have just seen your mini-lesson using charcoal and AI live it. Would welcome the opportunity to learn more
    I shared on FB.

  33. I’ve just started working with charcoal in the last year, and am loving it. So relaxing and fun! I’m going through such an awful time in my life, this would be a blessing! Thank you!💕

  34. Thank you for the opportunity Juna! <3 I shared on Facebook. 🙂 I already get your lovely newsletter.

    Cheers Patti

  35. My sister in law Robyn Weinrib deserves to win this free class. She has had a very tough time and her art is the most important thing in her life. She was injured in a motorcycle accident years ago & is in a wheelchair, her husband is waiting for a transplant. They recently lost their house because the landlord decided to sell it and are being forced to move in this horrendous cold to a much smaller place. It would mean the world to her to take your 𝘍𝘳𝘦𝘦 class. They are on a fixed income and not able to afford to take the classes that she enjoys so much and that give her one of the only pleasures she can look forward to.
    Please consider her for a free class.
    Thank You

  36. Wonderful teacher…..wonderful lessons. A pure joy to learn and grow.
    I would love to join this new class to move on and on and on… creativity.

  37. Shared on Face book and thank you for showing us your beautifull work looking forward to work and learn from you Marianne

  38. I tweeted about your new class: @henniespennies
    I’ve been fortunate to see your teachings on LifeBook and love your classes. This one would be wonderful to participate in!! Thank you for the opportunity to win a spot!!

  39. I adore working with pencil and charcoal, but is hard for me to control charcoal without making a mess lol…fingers crossed 🤞……im sharing it on my FB art page Artsy Thingies

  40. I have done two courses of Juna’ and loved them. But honestly just can’t afford to pay as we are on income support.
    So winning a place would be magical.

  41. Shared on Facebook I am really excited about a chance to win a free spot in your amazing classkeeping fingers crossed

  42. I already subscribe to your newsletter and I shared on Facebook. Thanks for this give away. The class looks wonderful!

  43. I want to learn more. I allready workshop with charcoal, but not softly.
    Shared on Facebook.

  44. shared on twitter and facebook….. thanks for the opportunity…. fingers crossed love the look of this class…

  45. I am sharing on FB ( i dont have Instagram or twitter & i would love to win a spot in ur class as i love your work & i wish to learn more about charcoal & faces

  46. I’ve learned so much from the mini class Juna Biagioni, thank you. I’m so excited about your new class.
    Really looking forward to learning from you. It would be an awesome gift to win this give away.

  47. Juna, thankyou for offering this great giveaway, whoever is the lucky winner will have a wonderful opportunity to learn from a great artist.
    I have shared on Facebook and am keeping everything crossed!
    Can’t wait to see the result!
    Thank you 😊

  48. I shared on FB and keepong my fingers crossed! Thanks for the chance Juna, love your work!

  49. I loved taking one of your other courses and would be so thrilled to win a spot in this one, using charcoal. I shared on my facebook page.

  50. P. S. I want to take this class because your artistry and ability to teach is legendary. Who can get enough of Juna? ❤️

  51. I shared on Facebook Juna! It’s hard to share you. I want to keep you all to myself, like a special treasure. But, I shared you! ❤️

  52. hai Juna…whenever i get this free workshop or not…i am in..finally, i want this so much, 3 years, I know I can learn from you xx

  53. I shared this post on Facebook. I’m excited to have a chance to win a place in this new class!

  54. This is very exciting to have the opportunity to win a free spot in The Many Faces of Charcoal! I shared on facebook.

  55. I love Juna’s softly blended style and she is an excellent instructor. I would like to become more proficient in charcoal and learn to slow down and work more thoughtfully.

  56. Thanks for this generous give-away…I would love to win this free spot, because I did your mini lesson and was so happy that I could…I love to learn more and grow in making portraits. I shared it on FB. 🙂

  57. Shared on fb! I just loved your lesson on Kara Bullock’s LFI 2017 and i really want to learn more from you and your amazing artwork! Thank you for the opportunity! Good luck to all! <3

  58. I love charcoal and I love your lessons Juna! It would be special to win a spot in this class.
    Shared on FB 🙂

  59. Thank you, Juna, for your free offer. I posted your class link on my Twitter account. Your classes are superior in every way!

  60. Hi Juna, I posted this on my timeline on FB 🙂 🙂 🙂 I said you were one of, if not THE BEST online teachers out there. I’ve learned so much from you and hope I can LEARN EVEN MORE!!!!!

  61. I would be over the moon to win a spot in this class, I just love charcoal and Junas way of teaching and she has always been my inspiration!!! I know this is going to be fabulous!! Shared on facebook 🙂

  62. Would live to win a spot in this course. Your charcoal work is amazing. Thank you for the opportunity.
    Share on Twitter.

  63. Shared on Instagram. I love portraits but have only ever used charcoal once. I love your sof focussed art and would love to be included.

  64. Shared on Facebook. Going back to basics in charcoal portrets… Yes, love to. Sometimes going back in limited materials does help to further develop. I am ready to make a next step…. Love your style…

  65. Hi Juna. I would be very blessed to win this great giveaway. I love to learn more from you, to grow up with you. Thank you so much for this great opportunity.
    I’ll share it to Instagram and Faceboo, when I can do that 😉 I’ll try it.

  66. I will definitely share on Facebook.
    I’m on a bit of a limited budget right now and art classes are a luxury I would love to indulge in, but can’t right now.
    Would love to win this giveaway!!
    I have charcoal and paper all ready to go!
    Love your work Juna!

  67. I shared it on Facebook. I hope many people will sign-up. I have only used charcoal a few times and really liked it. Hopefully this class would give me the confidence to really delve into it. I’m very excited.

  68. I have been longing for another course by you Juna, I learned so much from you in Drawing in the Soul. I gained so much confidence through your encouragement and help, thank you so much. I have shared the Giveaway on Twitter and Facebook, fingers crossed. ☺

  69. OMG< so excited to see this. I will share on Facebook, but you do know that you might not see it.
    I would love to join to explain my art – this might be the push i need

  70. Shared on Facebook! Thank you so much for this opportunity… I love drawing faces so this would be perfect for me!

  71. I loved your previous course Juna and I have learned a lot from you. You are such a great teacher. I can’t wait to this course starts.
    I will share your link on Facebook.

  72. I am still a newbie to the world of art and cannot draw to save my life. While I doubt I could ever do a face like you do, I would love to learn the process and maybe, in time, be able to create something similar! Thank you for an amazing opportunity! Shared on fb.

  73. Sounds like a great class. Shares on FB and Twitter. Signed up for newsletter. I love using charcoal would love to win this and improve my skills.

  74. I have shared this free spot on my facebook timeline for everyone…not only for friends…
    I want to share this on instagram…but I don’t know how…so I am working on it

  75. Juna, Thank you for the opporturnity to win your course. I loved drawing with charcoal since a have follow your course the Vallue.
    I wil share it on Facebook

    Xx Birgit

  76. I already subscribe to your newsletter. I shared this for you on both Twitter and FB. This looks like an amazing class and I’d love to become better at portraiture. Thanks for the opportunity!

  77. Thank you for the opportunity to win your course. I’ve loved drawing when I was a kid. Then life happened and it was set on the back burner for 30 years or so. About 4 years ago I started up again and so glad I did! I can’t think of anything more relaxing than drawing…but my skills and knowledge are really lacking and I’m wanting to improve on this. Thanks again. Sharing to Facebook.

  78. Just shared on FB
    Oh I am super exited about your new online class, The Many Faces of Charcoal.
    I love charcoal and all the forms it comes in. Thank you so much for an opportunity to win a free spot on this awesome journey of exploring charcoal.

  79. I am so excited about this charcoal class! I have loved charcoal since high school! I really want to get better at it though! I also do Renaissance Living history and play an artist so this would really help if I could draw with more skill than I have taught myself! Lol. PICK ME!

  80. Thank you SO incredibly much for the amazing opportunity! It would be an honour to learn from you! I would love to win and do this course because art is so therapeutic for me and helps me get through so much… chronic illness, depression, anxiety (to name a few). i realise that sounds silly and just wanting sympathy for a chance to win, but that’s not the case at all. Art really does help me more than i can describe.
    I have shared and thank you so incredibly much again!

  81. Shared on fb and twitter. Would love to win a place in your class, Juna, because your beautiful artwork started me on the road to drawing faces!

  82. Shared the give away on facebook and the reason why I would love to win this space….thank you…

  83. Hi Juna, I’ve shared on Facebook and will be sharing on Twitter as well. I’m not in any of the mixed-teacher courses this year because I need to save money for a fabulous education I started. I planned to get through that be revisiting lessons I never started or never finished. But I’d love a spot in your course to improve my charcoal skills! The education is linked to psychology and body work, and I think it combines great with the soulful portraits you teach.
    Good to see you flourishing in your work!

  84. Shared on Facebook.. already signed up for your newsletter! Loving your Drawing in the Soul class and would love to win a spot in this one!!! 🙂

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