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Learning to paint & draw faces that have depth and interest

It’s been a year since my last online portrait class Drawing in the Soul started… So it’s very special to me to be opening a new class again very soon!


This class really is my baby. It took over a year to develop and I put my heart and soul into creating it. The class is jam-packed with lessons, exercises, art theory and hands-on projects, focusing on painting and drawing female faces that have depth and interest. And I am not just teaching you how to create my style of portraits, but give you art theory, background information and techniques that you can use and incorporate into your own style.

Since the start of Drawing in the Soul over 500 people took this class, and it is incredible and so touching for me to hear from my students how much they learned from this class, how many break-throughs and aha-moments they got. It really gives me goosebumps. That’s what I’m teaching for!

The Value of Values

So yes, I’m incredibly excited to open a new Drawing in the Soul online live class again. ‘Live’ in this context means that we all start on the same date, and that there is a dedicated Facebook group available where you can get in contact with me and the other students, ask questions, share your work, and get support. That makes it a truly interactive experience.

The class that is starting now is called Drawing in the Soul – The Value of Values. It’s a 4-weeks version of the longer original class, and focuses totally on tonal value. Tonal value is one of the most fundamental concepts in visual art and the main tool that you can use to give your portraits depth and interest, and to make them more realistic as well.

No need to feel rushed though. It’s scheduled as a 4-weeks class, but you don’t need to worry if you can’t follow this pace. Life happens and we’re all busy, but since you can download all the lessons, videos and class materials you can do the lessons in your own time, whenever it fits your schedule.

Who is this class for?

This class is perfect if you are a total beginner in creating faces, because you’ll learn all the basic skills you need to create beautiful front faces, working with proportions and shading techniques and using various supplies.

The course is also suited for those of you who are already more experienced in creating portraits, but want to to delve into the subject of tonal values and how you can use them to give your portraits depth and interest.

This class also gives you a strong foundation to develop further in creating portraits. And it’s a great preparation if you plan to sign up for longer-term or more advanced portrait classes as well.

Small group with limited places

There are limited places available for this class. It will be a small group, so that I can give all the students in-depth attention. I am available daily in the dedicated Facebook group, to see your work, answer any questions you might have, to give support and to cheer you on. There’s also the option to get one-on-one personalized feedback on your work.

Want to join?

Drawing in the Soul – The Value of Values is a 4-weeks class that starts October 22. I’m currently working on the last preparations behind the scenes, before the class opens. As I said, it will be a small group, which creates space for personal contact and really makes it a warm, intimate experience. I’m so excited to meet all the students soon and I hope you will join us! 🙂

Click here to sign up now.

Click here to read more about this class.

I have learned so much. When looking at someone’s face now whether on TV or in person, I can’t help but notice their features and the way the light falls casting shadows. We also learnt different techniques, ones I’d never heard of. This course will stay with me forever.  DIANA, England

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  1. Also I am 75 years old and not an artist. I intend a visit to Amsterdam end February. I want to send some photos of my daughter and handwritten poetry in the idiom of drawing in the soul and meet with you to discuss possible artwork.
    The websites are in Afrikaans but you should be able to follow the basic lines of thought. Thank you.

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