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Work in progress

I’m so grateful that the holidays finally give me more time to paint! You might have noticed that recently I’m all into texture art (see my last paintings Stone Circles and Sun Circles) and now I wanted to take it one step further and work on a larger scale.

This canvas measures 80 x 80 cm (31 x 31 inch) and I must say I love working on this size! The textures really stand out now and look spectacular. It’s great to see the image slowly coming to life! And I am working with some of my favorite colors…

It’s still a work in progress and needs quite a few more layers. I’ll keep you posted on the progress!

Update: in the meantime I have received so many questions from people who are interested in the techniques that I use for my texture art, that I have decided to create a tutorial or workshop, probably this coming spring. If you’d like to stay updated about this tutorial or workshop, subscribe to my newsletter.

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