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Personalized Feedback

In-depth Visual Feedback on Your Work

Personalized Feedback

Get in-depth visual feedback on your work

New Service:

Personalized Visual Feedback

Sometimes when you’re drawing or painting faces you can get stuck, but you don’t really know what is wrong, or you can’t see where you could change things. Sometimes the face looks flat, or out of proportion, but you can’t pinpoint the exact problem. Or you want to create a portrait with a certain likeness to a reference photo, but somehow you can’t achieve it. Or you don’t have a specific problem, but just want to get feedback on how to make your portrait even better than it already is, to know where you can grow and improve your skills. It’s hard to figure these things out all on your own.

That’s when feedback from a teacher can be an essential support to help you get past these obstacles. I’m very excited to announce that you can now book individual feedback sessions with me, to receive personalized and in-depth feedback on portraits that you have made.

I am still astounded by how much detailed and helpful feedback you have given to each one of us. The feedback you gave me opened my eyes – not just to errors I was unaware of, but also to countless ways I could improve my own art. I have taken several online art courses but nothing comes anywhere near yours.  LYNDA HUNTER – UNITED KINGDOM

Unique visual method

For my feedback sessions I use a unique method of in-depth visual feedback. This not only gives you keys for improvement, but shows you in practice and step-by-step what your portrait looks like when you implement the feedback. The feedback is digitally ‘painted’ on top of the image of your portrait.

So for example, if the feedback is to place the eyes higher in the face, you will see an altered version of your portrait with the eyes placed higher in the face. After all the steps have been implemented you will also see a before and after image, so you can see and analyze thoroughly what the effect of these changes would be.

You can see an example of this feedback method below.

Focus of the feedback

The feedback focuses primarily on the use of tonal values and facial proportions, which are two of the most fundamental elements in making portraits. If you get the proportions of a face right, it will look more realistic and human. And when you learn to work with tonal values you can give your portraits more depth and a more 3D look.

Another focus of the feedback, if applicable, is how to create a likeness to the reference photo that you used for your portrait. This is useful for instance if you made a portrait which you want to look like a certain person, or when you want to learn to create more realistic looking portraits.

Lastly you can also get help with specific questions that you might have about your work.


This feedback is a very helpful way to improve your work and to grow your artistic skills, especially when you are a beginner or intermediate in making portraits.

You will receive my feedback where possible in the form of step-by-step visual guidance and explanatory texts (in some instances it may come only in a written form, if the visual feedback doesn’t apply). It’s an interactive display of the feedback in multiple steps, so you can easily view the alterations in each step and the difference between before and after the changes (see an example below).

That way you can literally see and understand what the function of working with proportions and tonal values is, and how you can apply these elements in your portrait. You can then take what you have learned in the feedback and apply it in your future work.

Juna Biagioni is a talented artist and masterful teacher. She exceeded all my expectations. I was challenged, which is what I wanted, but because her feedback was so instructive and graciously delivered, I could understand how to quickly improve my art. She is the best online teacher I have come across and I am so grateful I got to be one of her students!  Francie W. Gannon, USA


Below is an example of a personalized feedback session that I gave to a student of a Drawing in the Soul live class. It’s best viewed on a device with a larger screen.

The feedback consists of 7 steps, plus a before and after comparison. On the left you see the portrait that the student made and on the right is the reference photo. Next to the reference photo you can read the student’s reflections on their work, and below that is my answer. Click on any of the numbers 2 to 7 below the portraits to see the various steps of the feedback, with images and text. In step number 8 you can see what the portrait looks like before and after the feedback.

In the horizontal bar below the feedback you can click on the icons to zoom in and out, or to get a full-screen view.

Juna’s critiques are superb. She is so technically knowledgeable that she can digitally draw & paint on top of your photo for suggested improvements. An incredible learning tool for everyone.  Peggy Depue, USA

Who is this for?

This feedback is for everyone who would like to receive feedback on their portraits, but is especially helpful if you are a beginner or intermediate level when it comes to painting and drawing faces.

What will you receive

  • Step by step feedback on one portrait of your choice
  • The feedback session focuses on proportions, tonal values and (if applicable) likeness, and/or on specific questions that you might have
  • Visual presentation of each step, with description of the changes
  • Interactive display of the steps, so you can easily see the alterations and the before/after changes

Feedback sesson for one portrait of your choice

€ 55

Prices in Euro will be used for the actual purchase.

After signing up you’ll receive an email from me with instructions on how to send in your image for feedback.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get feedback on one or more portraits?

You get feedback on one portrait of your choice. Of course if you like you can sign up for multiple feedback sessions.

I’ve never received feedback from you before. How does it work?

Once you sign up, you will receive an email with instructions on what you need to send in for the feedback. I will need a good quality image of your portrait, and if applicable the reference photo that you used for your portrait.

It’s also good if you write me a bit about your thoughts about your work, which are the parts that you like about your work, and parts that you have doubts about, or that you think could be improved. This will help you to look more objectively to your work, and to look at it from a more analytical standpoint, which can be very useful. Often we can feel vulnerable about our work, especially when we share it in a group, and we tend to see only the parts that we don’t like about it. It’s good to go beyond that, to take a step back and try to look more objectively at it. Don’t just look at the things you don’t like, but try also to find some things that you do like. If you have a specific question, you can write that in your post as well. Questions are very useful for me in providing my feedback to you.

When my feedback is ready, you will receive an email with access to the private website where the feedback will be presented. This feedback is only accessible to you, so it’s not publicly visible.

I am a complete beginner and just started to learn to paint and draw faces. Can I get feedback from you on my work?

Yes, certainly! This feedback will be very useful in your learning process.

Will the feedback be provided privately?

Yes. The feedback will be published on a private website that will only be visible to you.

Does my portrait have to be based on a reference photo?

Preferably yes, because that will serve as the basis for my feedback. Even if you didn’t necessarily try to create an exact likeness to the photo but just used it as an inspiration for your portrait.

If you haven’t used a reference photo, then it’s helpful if you have specific questions about your work, or certain aspects that you want me to look at.

Does my portrait have to be made with a specific medium, like oil paint or charcoal?

No, it doesn’t matter what medium you used. You can send in images of portraits that you made with any type of supplies, like oil paint, acrylic paint, mixed media, colored pencils, graphite pencil, charcoal, pastels, or any other medium.

Can I get feedback from you on portraits that are not made during any of your classes?

Yes, certainly. You can get feedback on any portrait that you made.

Can I get feedback from you on a full-figure painting that I made?

No, I only give feedback on portraits from the head, including the neck and shoulders.

How can I contact you?

You can contact me by filling in this form.




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