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Drawing in the Soul

The Value of Values

Drawing in the Soul

The Value of Values

Drawing and painting faces that have depth and visual interest

In this 4-weeks online live class of Drawing in the Soul we’re going to focus on one of the most fundamental concepts in art, and that is tonal value – or the use of dark and light.

If you’ve never heard of tonal values before, if you find that your drawings look a bit ‘flat’ or unrealistic, if you want to give your portraits more visual interest, or if you do know what values in art are but don’t know how to work with them, then continue reading because this course is definitely for you!

This course is an extended version of Module 1 of the original 12-weeks version of Drawing in the Soul.

The next session of this class starts mid 2019. Do you want to be informed when the registration starts? Click the button below.

On this page you will find information on the 4-weeks Drawing in the Soul live class.
Click here if your are instead interested in the 12-weeks Drawing in the Soul self-paced class.

4-weeks live class   •   learn how to use value to give your portraits depth and interest   •   11 hours of video lessons   •   3 e-books   •   additional course materials   •   everything is downloadable   •   lifetime access   •   dedicated Facebook group   •   possibility to receive in-depth personalized feedback during the class

The value of values

Tonal value – or simply ‘value’ – is one of the main concepts in visual art and refers to how light or dark something is. The lower the value, the darker the object. So working with values means working with light and dark, or with light and shadow.

Light and shadow are also what gives a face in a portrait its depth, its structure. That’s because parts of the face that are light seem to be protruding, while parts of the face that are dark seem to be pushed inward. So if you are able to see and discern the different values in a face, and know how to draw or paint them, you are able to give your portrait depth, like a 3D effect.

Click the dots below to read more.

Value is also important when you want to create interesting lighting effects for your portrait. Or if you want to create a very dark portrait, or rather a very light portrait. It’s all about the range and variety of values and the relations between them. If you know how to work with different lighting effects, you can give your portraits more visual interest.

So, value really is the basis for painting and drawing faces. If the values of your portraits are okay, then you can play with all kinds of colors, textures and patterns, and it will always look like a credible face. That’s why tonal value is the main focus of this 4-weeks course. You’ll learn what value exactly is, how to see and discover values, how to draw and paint values, and how to simplify values in your portrait by creating a so-called ‘value plan’.

I have learned so much. When looking at someone’s face now whether on TV or in person, I can’t help but notice their features and the way the light falls casting shadows. We also learnt different techniques, ones I’d never heard of. This course will stay with me forever.  DIANA, England

Other topics that are covered in this course

Besides the main topic of tonal value, you’ll also learn about the proportions of a front face and how to create the initial sketch and basic shading for a front face portrait.

You’ll receive three downloadable E-books with the texts of the lessons, and additional course materials such as weekly supply lists and reference photos that are used in the various exercises and projects.

We’ll be working with various supplies and techniques, such as acrylic paint and glazing, charcoal, collage, and stamping. Most of our exercises and projects will be done in a black and white color palette, because that is the most suitable when you’re learning to work with values.

You will also have the possibility to receive personalized, in-depth feedback on your work. You can read more on this type of feedback below.

This class is both for the beginner through to the more advanced artist. Juna is a very generous teacher who shares her knowledge so openly. She has such a gentle and calming way of approaching each subject and that has been the key for me to find my confidence and develop my skills even further.  TANIA BAIN, South Africa

Course outline

This 4-weeks online live course is jam-packed with information and practical exercises & projects.

In the first week you’ll get theory lessons on tonal value and related subjects. You’ll also learn about the proportions and basic shading of a front face. And we’re going to do an extensive exercise on learning how to discover and paint values.

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In the second week we’re going to do one main project, in which we’re going to create a beautiful charcoal portrait from start to finish, focusing of course on the use of tonal values.

Since week 1 and 2 are packed with written lessons and video lessons, in week 3 you’ll get some space to process all this information and to catch up and practice what you’ve learned so far. However, there’s also a short and fun bonus lesson available.

In week 4, the final week of this course, we’re going to create another big project focusing on value. It’s a lesson that was first published as my guest lesson for the Let’s Face It 2017 course and is a fun project in which we’re going to work with a so-called ‘value plan’, using various supplies.

Personalized, in-depth feedback

Sometimes when you’re drawing or painting faces you can get stuck, but you don’t really know what is wrong, or you can’t see where you could change things. It’s hard to figure these things out all on your own.

That’s when feedback from a teacher can be an essential support to help you get past these obstacles. For this 4-weeks live class you can sign up to receive two in-depth individual feedback sessions with me, on two portraits that you have made during this class. This feedback is given using a unique, visual method which is a great help and support to hone your skills and grow as an artist. Click here to learn more about this feedback method and to see an example of what you can expect.

As a student of this live class you get a special discount on the regular price for feedback. This discount is comprised in the course price if you choose ‘Option 2’ during signup (see below). The feedback will be provided on portraits that are submitted during the 4 weeks of the live class.

I am still astounded by how much detailed and helpful feedback you have given to each one of us. The feedback you gave me opened my eyes – not just to errors I was unaware of, but also to countless ways I could improve my own art. I have taken several online art courses but nothing comes anywhere near yours.  LYNDA HUNTER, United Kingdom

Sneak Peek!

This video gives an impression of the bonus lesson of week 3, in which we’re creating a mixed media portrait focusing on the use of tonal value.

What will you learn in this course?

This 4-weeks course is packed with information provided in theory lessons, practical exercises and full projects. Some of the things you will learn in this class:

  • Understanding what tonal values are
  • Seeing, discerning and discovering values
  • Drawing and painting values
  • Simplifying the values in your painting using a value plan
  • Sketching out a front face using the ‘classical proportions’ for a front face
  • Sketching the features for a front face
  • Creating the basic shading for a front face
  • Creating front face portraits from start to finish
  • Working with acrylic paint and glazes
  • Working with different types of charcoal
  • Working with collage
  • Building up a portrait in layers
  • Building up a portrait from broad to detailed

Excellent class! I learned more in the first week than in all the other art classes I have taken – and that includes college classes as well. Juna’s easy to follow directions and her helpful critiques have made me a better artist and I thank her for that!  NANCY MARKEL, USA

What will you receive

Eleven hours of video lessons

Eleven hours of video lessons, recorded in high-quality and real-time.

Downloadable videos

You can download all the videos, so you can do the lessons any time and keep them forever.

Lifetime access

Life-time access to the course website, so you can do the lessons in your own pace.

E-books & Course Materials

Three downloadable E-books with the texts of the lessons, and additional course materials such as weekly supply lists and reference photos.

Dedicated Facebook Group

Access to a dedicated Facebook group, where you can show your work, connect with other students, ask questions, and share tips.

Personalized Feedback

Receive personalized, in-depth feedback on your work (choose Option 2 at registration).

Practical Info

This class is available in two options.

Option 1: 4-weeks live class, including interaction with other students and the teacher in a dedicated Facebook group, lifetime access to the course website, and all materials (incl. the videos) can be downloaded.
Price: EUR 80.

Option 2: Everything of option 1, plus personalized, in-depth feedback on two projects.
Price: EUR 160.

Next starting date

The next session of this class starts mid 2019.
Do you want to be informed when the registration opens? Fill in the form below.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve never taken an online course. How does it work?

When you sign up for this course, you will create an account during the registration process. You can use the login and password that you chose for your account, to access the private website of the class. You get immediately access to the course introduction and related info on the course website.

On the actual starting day of the class you will receive an email as soon as the lessons for the first week are available. Every week after that you will receive an email when the lessons for that week are available.

The lessons (both written lessons and video lessons) and the extra course materials (such as supply lists, info sheets, reference photos, and E-books) will all be provided on the private course website. You can read and watch the lessons online, and/or download everything so you can keep them forever and access them from your own hard drive.

If you sign up for option 2, which includes feedback, you will receive two personal feedback sessions. This feedback will be only visible to you.

Besides the course website you will get access to the dedicated Facebook group for this class. This is a fun and safe place to post your work, get support from the other students and the teacher, ask questions, and meet new friends. You can participate however you like and be more or less active, whatever fits your needs.

I've taken Drawing in the Soul before. Is this a new class?

This is not a completely new class, but an extended version of Module 1 of the original 12-weeks version of Drawing in the Soul. This means that weeks 1-3 of this course are the same as weeks 1-3 of Drawing in the Soul. In week 4 you will receive an additional full lesson, which was not part of Drawing in the Soul before (it was published in 2017 as part of the course Let’s Face It).

However, since this is a live class with the option to receive two feedback sessions for a reduced price, you still may want to sign up – even if you have already done Drawing in the Soul (live or self-paced) before. As an alumnus you have received an email with a special discount code for this course (contact me if you haven’t received it).

Many people have taken the live classes of Drawing in the Soul multiple times, because of the added support, interaction and fun of working with other students and the teacher in the Facebook group, and for the opportunity to receive personalized in-depth feedback for a special discounted price.

Lifetime access, what does that mean in practice?

You get lifetime access to this course. In practice this means that the course website (including all videos and course materials) will remain accessible to you for as long as Drawing in the Soul – The Value of Values is being offered for sale. If this course at some point in the future isn’t ging to be offered for sale anymore, you will have 6 months to download all materials if you want to keep them forever.

Can I download the videos?

Yes, you can download all the videos and other materials of this course.

Is there a dedicated Facebook group for this class?

Yes, there will be a dedicated Facebook group for this class. It’s a great place to ask questions, share your work, and meet new art friends. You will receive the link to the group after you sign up for the course.

Can I get feedback from you on my work during this class?

Yes, if you sign up for Option 2 of this course, you will receive two in-depth feedback sessions. This feedback will be available for two portraits that you submit to me during the course period. This feedback will be presented in a visual, interactive way (more info here) and will be accessible only by you.

However, even if you don’t sign up for the feedback sessions I will of course be available during the class in the Facebook group if you have questions about supplies or other course related topics.

I am a total beginner in making art or creating portraits. Can I sign up?

Yes, you can definitely sign up if you are a beginner in art or in making portraits. We’ll start from the basics and you’ll learn all about creating front face portraits and working with value. You will also learn how to work with acrylic paint, charcoal, collage, and glazing.

If possible I would advise you to sign up for the option including the feeback sessions, because you will learn a lot from this personalized, in-depth feedback.

I feel a bit insecure about my art and not ready to show it to others. Can I participate without joining the Facebook group?

Yes, you can participate without joining the Facebook group for this class. But know that you can also join the Facebook group in a more passive and anonymous way, without having to post your work if you don’t want to. If you do join the Facebook group you will get the additional benefits of being in a ‘live’ class, such as getting support from the other students and me, asking questions, and meeting new friends. The group is private and provides a safe environment for all participants of every level.

I don't have a Facebook account. Do I need one in order to do the workshop?

You don’t necessarily need a Facebook account to follow this class. The course website is a dedicated website that you get access to after you sign up for the class. The Facebook group is optional.

However, if you do want to join the Facebook group but don’t have a Facebook account (yet), you can also consider creating a Facebook account just for this workshop alone.

Do you work with reference photos in this course?

Yes, we will be working with reference photos in this course. They will be available for download from the course website.

Can I get a refund after purchasing this course?

Due to the downloadable nature of this course, no refunds are given after the starting date.

Can I give this course as a gift?

Certainly! Just contact me by filling in the form below and I’ll be happy to help.

How can I contact you?

You can contact me by filling in this form.

Practical Info

Click here to read the practical information before purchasing the course.

Access to the course

Once you have purchased your course, you return to a confirmation page with an overview of your registered courses. When you click on a course you should be already logged-in to the course site and have immediate access to the classroom.

If at any time you need to login to the site, you will need your username (the email address that you used to sign up for the course) and the password which you chose when you signed up. With your username and password you can always access your courses by clicking on ‘My Classroom’ at the top of this website.

Practical requirements

This course will be presented online, so you need a web browser. I recommend Chrome or Firefox. Make sure your browser is updated to the latest version.

You will get the best results if you use a laptop or computer. You can use smaller devices (like a tablet) as well, but then the layout may change slightly.

If you want to download the videos, you need space on the hard drive of your computer, or an external storage like an external hard drive or a USB stick.

Other requirements:

  • A high-speed internet connection to be able to download the videos or watch them online.
  • A basic understanding of IT, like reading emails, watching videos online, reading PDF documents, and navigating websites like Facebook. If you’re having trouble with some IT related stuff some help can be given, but in-depth IT guidance cannot be given.

What Participants of Previous Drawing in the Soul Classes Say

I am so delighted to write this testimonial on Juna's course Drawing in the Soul. It was an utter joy participating in this wonderfully designed and constructed series of lessons. Juna is an amazing teacher, enabling me to relax and produce work I truly never thought I was capable of. I would do another of her courses or tutorials in a heartbeat. I hope there will be! Simply: the incredible content, structure, the sharing of techniques and resources is invaluable for complete beginners to more accomlished artists. Heartfelt thanks for this wonderful opportunity.

Helen Cook
United Kingdom

Drawing in the Soul was such an excellent course and I'm so very glad I took it! Juna presented everything very thoroughly and it was all so interesting. I gained a much better understanding of correct proportions in portraiture and also learned a lot about value, both things I had really wanted to learn. We got to experiment with several different mediums – charcoal, soft pastels, pastel pencils, acrylic paints, oil pastels and more. I had never used charcoal before and found a new love! There's not a doubt in my mind that my portraits have greatly improved, thanks to Juna.…read more

Jenny Jones

This has been one of the most enriching experiences of my creative life. Juna's gentle and remarkable way of teaching enters through the heart and soul. I am truly amazed in what has been opened within my art practice by Juna's exceptional method of generous soul centred teaching.

Susan Davies

This course was excellent and very intense. I enjoyed it very much and I learnt a lot. I am an absolute beginner in the field of portrait drawing. The study materials are very well stuctured, and Juna is an excellent artist and art teacher. She dedicated her time to this course and was ready to help any time. Juna's feedbacks on our work are extremely useful and detailed. These feedbacks were the most valuable part of the course. Thanks, Juna!

Imola Varga

I learned so very much in this course. The lessons were very good. Even though I couldn’t keep up with the weekly schedule it's comforting to know that I can follow each lesson again because of the lifetime access of the course. Juna is a wonderful teacher and a very talented artist.

The Netherlands

Juna Biagioni is a talented artist and masterful teacher. She exceeded all my expectations. I was challenged, which is what I wanted, but because her feedback was so instructive and graciously delivered, I could understand how to quickly improve my art. She is the best online teacher I have come across and I am so grateful I got to be one of her students!

Francie W. Gannon

I am forever changed by this class. I came in as a true beginner only knowing how to make stick figures and a cube. I am so thrilled with what I have learned and what I now can do. Juna is a magnificent artist and shares so many wonderful techniques in this class. I want to repeat the lessons over and over because there is something so special in each lesson. I will forever be grateful that I had the honor to study with such a powerful and tender mentor. A lifechanger she is and I am so grateful!

Maxine Schutter

Drawing in the Soul is a truly wonderful portrait art course. What I appreciated about it was the fact that it successfullly blended together serious drawing and painting teckniques with loads of fun. I entered the course never having used acrylic paint or pastels and with Juna's clear instructions this was no problem. The course is geared in such a manner that whether one is highly talented and wanting to hone ones skills or one is doing it purely out of interest one will by the end of the course have improved immensely. Juna's lessons are comprehensive and stimulating, the…read more

Glen Collingwood
South Africa

I can’t say enough good about this course. Juna is a very wise, kind, and generous teacher. I was new to portraiture, and to painting when I started Drawing in the Soul. Now when I look at what I accomplished it seems like magic. Juna provided lots of technical information, and feed back that was spot on, but she also created a safe, warm, and friendly environment that gave us the courage to take risks, to make mistakes, and to share our work and learn from each other. Her video demonstrations are great, because they show not only the physical…read more

Anna Novak

Juna Biagioni's course Drawing in the Soul is an incredible three month learning experience. Her weekly lessons include hours of videos, PDFs, files with reference photos and supply lists. Just as valuable is Juna's presence on the private class Facebook page. Questions are answered promptly (considering the time zones). But the most amazing aspect of the course is Juna's supportive, detailed critiques of each student's weekly project. And she even includes photos of each change that she suggests. I think it would be impossible to take this course and not improve! Also, Juna is very organized and very good at gently…read more

Andrea Needel

Juna's class was everything I hoped for and so much more! Discovering techniques to draw viewers in emotionally has been so interesting and fun at the same time! I love Juna's teaching methods, it has been like learning and growing with a dear friend! Thank you Juna for inspiring me to bring 'soul' into my portraits!

Karen Lamb

Juna Biagioni's course Drawing in the Soul and my partaking of it, was the best possible thing I could have done for myself this year! It was more than I expected, and I learned a LOT from this course: different methods, materials, about line, colour and so much more! Juna is an excellent teacher, patient, extremely professional, and very thorough in her feedback. She is totally committed to her students and goes out of her way for them on a regular basis, always ready to answer any questions related to the course. I enjoyed the course so much that I…read more

Patricia Worsley-Beukes
South Africa

Drawing in the Soul is truly an amazing online experience for all level of portrait artists. Juna really put her 'art and soul' into creating this course. I really looked forward to Monday's email and new lessons. Thank you again Juna for creating and sharing this fabulous journey!

Debby Scherer

Juna, your teaching technique is superior to those I've received during my fine arts degree. Thank you & do not change your ways. The feedbacks were very important for the progress. I've enjoyed following you and did learn some more.

Camille Simard

Drawing in the Soul has been such an amazing learning experience. I would recommend this course to anyone who is yearning to find their artist voice. This class is both for the beginner through to the more advanced artist. Juna is a very generous teacher who shares her knowledge so openly. She has such a gentle and calming way of approaching each subject and that has been the key for me to find my confidence and develop my skills even further. Thank you so much for creating such an enjoyable learning and soul enriching course.

Tania Bain
South Africa

Drawing in the Soul is a course I wish everyone could take. The knowledge that Juna shares, in text, in her step by step videos, in personal messages and in her gentle and generous feedback is un-paralleled, and to be able to download the course and keep it forever is something I never anticipated. I've never witnessed anything even similar to this in any class I've ever taken – online or in person. The scope of the course may at first seem daunting, but each week focuses on a very clearly defined goal, and those one or two weeks designed…read more


I have taken many online art courses through the years, and Juna Biagioni is the one of the finest teachers I have had the pleasure to study with. In her class Drawing In the Soul I learned many technical skills in order to compose a portrait. But perhaps most importantly I learned how to let a portrait develop and come forth. I learned how not to force my developing work, to truly let its soul unfold on the paper. Juna is an incredible teacher. I loved every minute of this class and look forward to taking another course with her.

Beth R.

Before this online course I didn't know how to use any of the materials. I was a complete novice. I knew I could draw and that I had an eye for art, but I didn't know how to start and how to express myself. With Juna's course we learnt to use different mediums. How to apply them and how to make them ‘speak’, how to give them soul. The very gentle and very constructive feedback was given with empathy and sensitivity. This gave us all confidence to move forward to our next project. I feel now the possibilities are boundless!…read more

Jessica Nilsen
New Zealand

I fell in love with a course named Drawing in the Soul. It was the word ‘soul’ that drew my attention. I had the WOW-effect from the very start. It felt so inspiring. This course was beyond my expectations. It felt as a warm cradle of artistic love and energy. I became more confident in my drawing skills and learned a lot – and not only on an artistic level. So thank you Juna for your art, for this course, and for inspiring us all and giving us those gentle pushes to step out from our comfort zone. You are…read more

Annie Vandenhouten

From the first moment I saw Juna Biagoni's work I was mezmerized. She seemed to me a sculptor, where beautiful faces and features appeared from nowhere. I signed up immediately and counted the days until the class began. I have not been disappointed. I now can, even as a beginner, have faces appear that surprise and delight me. Juna's ability to teach is superb. She is thorough, generous in her sharing and the range of projects in the class is fantastic. The best part is her gentleness and support in her feedback. I know of no other class where the…read more

Maxine Schutter

Totally loved Juna's class. I learned how to draw faces. I highly recommend this on-line class!

Marjorie Mae

I saw one of Juna's videos on YouTube and my gut feeling said: YES!!! Drawing in the Soul is so awesome and highly recommendable. The structure of the course teaches you all you ever wanted to know about drawing & painting faces: all about different profiles, the features, and how to use different art supplies. A mixture of playful and challenging lessons. I learned a lot, especially via the direct feedback. Thank you so much, Juna, for this incredible course!!

Inge Zuck

Juna's online class Drawing in the Soul is very thorough and well organized. I enjoyed learning about new mediums and watching Juna do her magic. The thing I appreciated the most, though, was how Juna viewed and critiqued our work so we could learn from our mistakes. I do not know of any other online class where this occurs, and look forward to taking future classes.

Deborah Schinzel

I would highly recommend this class! The material is very comprehensive about drawing, painting, color etc. The videos and pdfs are very professionally done and Juna is a great teacher! Her feedback is always kind but very insightful too, another lesson in itself. It was an excellent enjoyable learning experience and I look forward to her offering other classes as well.

Kathy R

I cannot thank you enough for this wonderful course Juna. I have learned so much and I feel so much more confident about my own work. Your teaching style is wonderful. Detailed yet concise, so learning is made clear and accessible. But above all your warmth and support have inspired and encouraged me throughout every week. I am still astounded by how much detailed and helpful feedback you have given to each one of us. The feedback you gave me opened my eyes – not just to errors I was unaware of, but also to countless ways I could improve my…read more

Lynda Hunter
United Kingdom

I could not have imagined nor grasped the depth of Juna's ability to teach so completely the skills of drawing and painting that I have gleaned from Drawing in the Soul. As I watch the video's and follow along with the abundant pdf's, I continue to learn more and more each time. Because the entire series is downloadable, I will continue to perfect a skill I thought I could never have. Juna's artistic talent is shadowed by no one, other than herself, as her organizational skills in presenting the material are the best I have ever encountered. Easy to follow instructions…read more

Donna M.

Great course for everyone! Learning step by step with each module. In-depth-lessons and videos, very good explanations and detailed handouts. I love and enjoy this course – Juna is a great teacher and I highly recommend this course!


Having never done anything like portraits but loving Juna's, I was delighted to try this course. I have learned many things and also to step outside the box. By using so many different materials in one project the outcome is amazing. Love the fact you can do this at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home. Big thank you Juna, loved it all, xxx

Deborah Power

In the vein of “teach a man to fish & he can feed himself for life”, Juna teaches her students how to SEE and how to EVALUATE their own work through her thoughtfully constructed lesson plan and detailed individual feedback. The skills and theory learned in this class are easily transferable to other media and subject matter. I would instantly and without hesitation, recommend this class to anyone interested in learning how to draw more realistic portraits.


I would like to commend Juna for the beautifully crafted course she has created. Drawing in the Soul was easy to follow, the feedback on your progress is great and the feeling you get from being part of the class makes this an unusually rich web experience. The beautiful mark making style and diversity of materials are as challenging as you want them to be. There is no pressure to achieve, this is a course to enjoy at your own speed and explore artistic possibilities. Highly recommended! I am suggesting it to members of our pastel society!

James Geddes, President Northwest Pastel Society

This is the best portrait class anyone could ever take. The amount of content is enormous and Juna's very detailed and gentle style of teaching – not to mention her critiques on Facebook – are unbelievable. I have learned so much. When looking at someone's face now whether on TV or in person, I can't help but notice their features and the way the light falls casting shadows. We also learnt different techniques, ones I'd never heard of. This course will stay with me for ever. Thank you Juna x


Fabulous course. Well organised, inspiring lessons, lots of feedback, a very safe and positive group atmosphere. I was pleasantly surprised by the videos that provided explanations of the different materials we worked with, and learned a lot about how to handle them and work with them.

Angela van Son
The Netherlands

Drawing in the Soul is jam-packed with videos and prompts to help you paint & draw soulful portraits in lots of various techniques. It was such fun to follow along, always supported by Juna's detailed feedback. She is a such a generous and extraordinary teacher!

Elke A.

Juna is both an amazing artist and teacher. Both the video lessons and written instruction were so well thought out and helpful. She was so generous in sharing her knowledge and technique and letting her students in on her process. A wonderful blend of technical skill and ‘soul’. Just look at her art and you will see. You will not be disappointed if you take this class, no matter what level artist you are!

Sara Williams

Drawing in the Soul was one of the best portrait classes I have taken online. Learning the full front view, side view, and 3/4 view were tough but through Juna's very detailed critique it was so easy to fix what wasn't quite right. I have gained so much from this 12 week course. The awesome artists in the Facebook group were there to help too or just encourage us. I would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn portraits.

Lynda Secor

I am blown away by how simple and well structured this course is. I have learned so much about drawing and painting portraits. The lessons are clear and well explained. Juna Biagioni is one incredible person, she really has put her heart into this class. The feedback she provides is detailed and really makes you ‘see’. I would recommend this course 100%.

Pernelle R.

By far, this is the best class I've ever taken. The professional videos, PDFs and critiques have been incredible! This will be a class I go back to over and over again. You have given my eyes the training that they were longing for. I may not draw perfectly ( but I can now ‘see’ portraits more accurately! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Libbi Corson

Drawing in the Soul was the finest on-line art class I have taken. Juna Biagioni carefully developed this portrait class so that one lesson builds upon the other. Her class environment is extremely organized, easy to navigate and detailed with downloadable videos for further viewing. She limits the amount of students enrolled as to give them enormous attention with critiques, which was so welcomed. Her critiques are superb. She is so technically knowledgeable that she can draw & paint on top of your photo for suggested improvements. An incredible learning tool for all participants. It was 12 weeks of challenge,…read more

Peggy Depue

Drawing in the Soul is a wonderful 12 week online workshop that is packed with lessons. I can highly recommend anyone who loves drawing and painting portraits to join. Not only is Juna's work beautiful, expressive and soulful, it is mesmerizing! Juna has a soothing voice and a calm and beautiful way of teaching art. You will love her personality and teaching style so much that it will keep making you look forward to each new week. You will not regret joining Drawing in the Soul.

Cathy Mevik

This is a great course. Juna is a very good teacher who knows how to cut all the info in pieces that look doable. Her constructive criticism helps to look at your own work and séé. Although this is a portrait course, I find it helped me with all my drawings and paintings and I am now really excited about color theory.

Karin Kuilman
The Netherlands

Excellent class! I learned more in the first week than in all the other art classes I have taken – and that includes college classes as well. Juna's easy to follow directions and her helpful critiques have made me a better artist and I thank her for that!

Nancy Markel

This is the most well done course ever. Juna is the most perfect teacher and so brilliant and kind and so talent. This is the best course I have taken, and I have taken many. So I recommend you to sign up for this. It is like a dream and you will just be there and never wake up. Thank you Juna Biagioni for this time. I will take more classes/courses from you in the future. You are the BEST. A real Deal.

Annelie Wadin

Impossible for me to determine what lesson I've enjoyed more. Each lesson was a wonderful discovery that taught me a lot and is still teaching me. I discovered that I adore the charcoal! Juna, thanks for helping me to overcome some emotional blocks (it was not easy, and yet I'm working on). This course has meant a lot to me. I recommend it to everybody.

Elena Guerrini

I've done many courses, but this was the first time I've learned so much! Not only techniques, but also the way of looking at your art. Not just ‘oh and ah's’, but so much constructive criticism, with clear explanations. Juna is a very good and clear teacher, with a warm heart. I'm going to miss these lessons and mentor!

The Netherlands
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