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Giveaway! Win a free spot in Let’s Face It 2024!

I’m super excited to be a guest teacher again in Let’s Face It 2024! And now I also get to give away one free spot! So continue reading to find out more about Let’s Face It 2024 and how you can enter this giveaway. 🙂

The giveaway is now closed. Scroll down to find out who the winner is!

Let's Face It

Let’s Face It is a year-long art course devoted to studying portraits and figures. It is for anyone who wants to practice creating portraits and figurative art, and geared toward all levels: beginners, intermediate and advanced artists.

This will be the 9th year that I’m teaching in Let’s Face It and I can’t wait to get started again!

Each week in 2024, you will receive one new lesson from one of the guest artists. These lessons are created to inspire you and expose you to different ways of drawing and painting the face and figure. We all know that there is not a one size fits all way to learn. Together, we want to share with you our strategies, tips, and techniques that we use in order to create our portrait and figurative artwork hoping you will find something that works for you to help you continue on your journey of creating portraits.

Not only will you leave this course feeling more confident in your skills, but also with a whole new community of art friends that will keep supporting you from here on out!

Let’s Face It 2024 gives lifetime access to all course videos, allowing you to revisit lessons and techniques whenever you need. Additionally, all course content is downloadable, enabling you to create your own offline library of resources. This year, we are also thrilled to introduce an eBook guide to complement the course. Packed with valuable resources, this guide includes goal-setting worksheets, weekly PDFs with comprehensive supply lists, full-color images of reference photos and artwork, schedules, checklists, and much more. You can preorder your physical copy to be delivered to your doorstep before the course begins, or download it for free on a weekly basis from the comfort of your home.

Practical Info

Click here for all info on Let’s Face It 2024 and the teacher line-up.

  • Registration opens: October 16, 2023
  • Class begins: January 2, 2024


The first 1000 signups will get the course for the special price of $99!

After that, the early bird price of $109 will be available until the end of October. From November onwards, the course will be priced at $129 until early December.

So be sure to bookmark this page and keep an eye out for my newsletter, so that you can sign up the moment registration opens!


I am very happy that I can give away a free spot in Let’s Face It 2024 to one lucky winner, yay! Everyone can enter, just make sure to do so before the giveaway closes.

The giveaway is now closed. Scroll down to find out who the winner is!

To enter the giveaway please follow these 4 steps:

  1. Sign up to my newsletter (click here), if you aren’t already subscribed. This will also give you access to a free charcoal portrait mini lesson!
  2. Make sure you’ve read this information.
  3. Share this giveaway on social media and tell in your post why you would love to join Let’s Face It 2024. Include this link in your post, or use one of the social media sharing buttons below.
  4. Leave a comment below stating why you’d like to win the free spot and on which social media platform you shared this giveaway.

The winner will be announced here on my blog, and will be contacted by email so please ensure your email address is valid.

Good luck!! 🙂

We have a winner!

The winner of the free spot in Let’s Face It 2024 is…

Elizabeth Arnold!

Congratulations Elizabeth, and thanks so much to all of you who participated in this giveaway!

If you did not win the free spot: the Early Bird registration for the course opens Monday, October 16.

The first 1000 signups will get the course for the special price of $99, so be sure to bookmark this page and keep an eye out for my newsletter, so that you can sign up the moment registration opens.

See you in class! 🙂

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This Post Has 94 Comments
  1. I would love to win a spot in this. Last year was a rough year for me as I went through chemo and radiation for cervical cancer. I’m still trying to survive this thing and feel normal again. Will probably move back to my home state due to all the medical bills. Before all this I moved toherw to Florida to get involved with art…..and I did.. Don’t feel sorry for me, I’m just trying to live again, so this would be a fantastic journey while I heal. And to up my portraits.

  2. I would love to win a spot in this excellent class. I started in 2019 doing Let’s Face It and have learned soooooook much!!! I want to keep going!

  3. I would love to improve my artistic skills!❤
    Shared on my FB with the button
    (Fb: Annie Rose Las)


  4. Posted on FB with the link. I have loved your courses so thinking I’d love any course you are teaching. Thank you for sharing with us in all areas. I’d love to win because it’s another way to grow in my Art Path!

  5. Don’t have a website. I enjoy LFI, it gives me variety of artist to work with and learn from.
    Facebook is the Social media I share on.
    Enjoy your day!

  6. Hi
    Thank you so much for the opportunity to win a spot on LFI 2024. I love drawing and painting faces and would love to learn more about drawing figures. I shared the post on my facebook page. Thank you so much❤

  7. LfI has been one of the best things I’ve ever done for me. It has taught me so much and I would love to continue! I shared to Instagram. Thank you for the opportunity!

  8. What a great chance to win a place, thank you so very much! Honestly, if I won, I would give the spot to my friend who is going through such a tough time and I would hope that having this course next year might help things to be just that little bit easier… <3

  9. I think Let’s Face it is amazing for all the techniques you learn. The artist lessons each week are always something new. For a year long of new ideas it’s the best!

  10. I’d like to win the giveaway because drawing, painting, making art frees me, makes me feel I am on my place, makes ne forget all the problems and and horribke things in the world. Besides I am a curious person who like learning, trying new techniques, methods, ways of looking at art. ( And because I cannot afford to pay for this course right now although I think it has a very friendly price. )

  11. I will take the chance and take part in 2024. I would like to improve my skills and meet many new artists. I’m looking forward to an exciting year!
    I posted it in my story on instagram. Thank you!

  12. Ohhhh, how exciting, thankyou Juna for giving one of us this chance to not only learn from you but also to learn from the many other artists in this course. I have tried to spend a year creating faces, but I get lost and need direction and to learn new skills. I would be delighted to join you all.

  13. I would love the chance to participate in 2024. This would be a new experience for me and I am looking to become better at portraiture. I’ll be sharing this on Facebook

  14. I would love to draw with charcoal like you do, using all the various colours one can get nowadays. Please enter me in your draw, thank you x PS Ive shared to my friend who also loves art and to Facebook

  15. Hi Juna
    I’ve shared on ny Facebook page and l’d love a chance to win to meet new artists snd learn some new skills. Thank you.

  16. I really love this course! But, I am a disabled retired artists/teacher and so it is very difficult for me to afford this. Either way, I hope for you the best!

    I shared this on my FB page. Good luck to all!!!

  17. I really love this course! But, I am a disabled retired artists/teacher and so it is very difficult for me to afford this. Either way, I hope for you the best!

  18. Love to learn how from all these artist. I am brand new to this and love all the Carlos styles

  19. I shared on Facebook and posted the following answer:
    “I would like to win a spot with LFI 2024,
    because I want to grow and improve on the portraits I create. I really want to be able to capture the essence of a person so that you can tell what emotion or mood the person was having in that moment, rather than just drawing a general face well enough but without much expression.”

  20. I would so love to win a spot next year to continue learning how to paint faces and figures! Thankyou! Shared on FB 🙂

  21. I would really love to win a spot because I have not done hardly any portraiture since my mother died a year ago (and I did a pastel portrait of her, which is still sitting in my easel) and I can’t think of a better way to jump back in than with Let’s Face It! Juna, I just love your work and your teaching style. Thank you for the opportunity to win a spot!

    I posted the promo on my Facebook page

  22. I shared on facebook. I love LFI and the teachers are so wonderful and I have learned so much.

  23. I bought “Let’s Face It” ‘22. I enjoyed it and learnt heaps but many of the ideas didn’t really inspire me to pursue the technique being used. This years course looks colourful and seems to include lots of other skills using backgrounds to tell the story. I am a practicing artist and I run a free evening class for young mums who need some time out. I cannot afford the course this year but would love to win a free course as I need some inspiration in my life just now.

  24. I love your artistic style, Juna, and have many of your classes.
    LFI is obe of my top classes each year, I haven’t missed one yet and would love to win a spot. Thanks for this opportunity

  25. I would love to win a spot in let’s face it 2024!! It is my favorite year long class, and because of my house fire this year, I really didn’t do as much of 2023, so can’t justify spending anymore money right now. But I would love to be a part of it!!

  26. Another year of LFI…sign me up! New lessons every week make Monday’s worth looking forward to.

  27. I would love to learn any new techniques to improve my skills!! sharing on facebook

  28. I love to learn from different artists and learn their favorite techniques.
    I shared this post on Facebook.

  29. Hi Juna, thank you for this marvellous opportunity to win a free spot! I particularly love the Let’s Face It year-long courses as there is always such a fabulous and diverse line-up of talented teachers that we are so priviledged to learn from. I adore painting portraits, it’s my number one subject that I focus on, so learning from maestras and maestros to help me hone my skills is a blessed motivation to keep going with my passion. I’ve shared your post on my fb page! Best regards, Nicole xx

  30. I shared to my facebook, because I want to win a free spot in Lets face it 2024 because I have been trying to find my artistic voice. What I enjoy the most, but need to improve with some help, is drawing portraits and figurative art. Thank you.

  31. Oh my gosh I love your giggles portrait and I’m stoked about let’s face it 2023! I want to learn to make my faces more alive.
    I shared your giveaway link in facebook

  32. I definitely need to improve my portrait drawing skills so I can do one for my mom go is my biggest fan for my artwork.

  33. Hi Juna, I still doing the course(charcoal) I started with you during covd times but due to life taking over doing volunteer work, etc. had to stop doing it.
    But now I find I need to start doing something for myself again and as I like faces, figure art then this cause will kickstart me into doing just that.
    Will share on my FB and instagram page. Thank you for this opportunity

  34. I have shared this on my FB page, and am looking forward to learning from familiar favourite tutors as well as new ones 😀

  35. Hi Juna! Thank you for this amazing opportunity! I’ve shared your post on my Facebook page and tagged you. I would love to join Let’s Face It for another year, to further find inspiration and to further develop myself.

  36. I took this art course a few years ago and it was wonderful. Would like to do it again. The teachers in this series of courses are outstanding and of high caliber. Juna your art is amazing. I anticipate learning from you again. Thank you.

  37. Thank you Juna for this chance. I shared it on my FB timelime.
    I would love to win a spot in Let’s Face it 2024. Then my whole year will be filled with creative fun and I can learn to draw and paint more faces. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  38. This is one of the most amazing classes I’ve ever taken! I want to work through every year if it!

  39. 2023 was my first year in LFI and I have learned so much. Would love to continue learning!

  40. 2023 was my first year in LFI and I have learned so much. Would love to continue the process!

  41. I would love to win the Let’s Face It giveaway! A year of amazing art…..sounds wondrous!

  42. I have done Let’s Face It in the past but now, as I am retired, I am unable to afford to take it again. I would love to improve my portrait skills. I am also dealing with my father dying and think the classes would help. I would love a chance to participate again.

  43. It would be great to win Let’s Face It 2024. I have recently been trying to paint/draw portraits and i need all the help i can get! Thank you for this opportunity.

  44. I might be a quite good portrait artist. The inspired teachings from the brilliant star artist teachers of LFI24 will help me find my feet, perhaps my path, and may even my wings.
    I’d love to win a free membership!
    Forgot to mention, I posted on Facebook

  45. I might be a quite good portrait artist! The inspired teachings from the brilliant star artist teachers of LFI24 will help me find my feet, perhaps my path, and may even my wings!
    I’d love to win a free membership!

  46. I am so pleased to be part again of Kara Bullock‘s
    great LFI24 …. I never thought I would learn so much but I did and above all the spirit in this his classroom is so valuable ….I am sharing this post on facebook

  47. As I develop as an artist, I find myself more and more drawn to mixed media portraiture. This course has a good mixture of support and teaching while encouraging further development of one’s personal style rather than copying. As I am on a disability pension, my little discretionary income goes mostly to materials, which is why I am hoping to get a spot!

    Posted on IG under trieneskunst:

  48. I reposted on Facebook. I haven’t done LFI in several years. I would love some fresh instruction and inspiration!

  49. I am enjoying the current year LFI and looking to 2024 LFI. Thank you Juna for offering a free giveaway.

  50. Facebook and Instagram. Lets face it gives me something to look forward to each week.

  51. I have purchased about 5 years of these courses and just love learning different techniques feom such talented artists. Thank you for the opportunity.

  52. Het is weer een nieuwe kans om weer te genieten van onder andere jouw perfecte lessen. Ook al zou ik niet de gelukkige zal worden ga ik een jaar lang genieten van weer een mooi creatief jaar

  53. Do I hope to win a free spot for this amazing course??…. Duh….YES!! 🤗🤗
    I’m almost always up for a creative challenge, and faces never stops to amaze me. I also find it very interesting to see how many of the styles and techniques I can adapt to working digitally in Procreate.

  54. It’s been a while Juna! Can’t wait to see you and love your teaching lessons. So glad to be a part of this community! Sending virtual hugs!

  55. I’d love to continue my learning journey with LFI2024. This would be my 4th time and I have learned so much from so many valuable lessons.

  56. Will share to my IG stories 💕 I would love to learn new techniques from all the amazing artists 💖💕✨

  57. I shared that I would dearly love to learn to draw faces more expressively. have done other art courses, and of course gained from them. My art looks more cookie cutter and illustrative and I think this course could really help me break through and expand my creativity 1000 fold! I shared on facebook and insta.

  58. I would love to win a spot in this awesome course where I can learn from such a diversity of portrait artists.

  59. Hi Juna 😊
    I shared on my Instagram Stories and highlighted it and I shared on FB stories! I told on my shared posts why I’d love to join as you requested.
    I signed up to your newsletter .
    I would love to win a spot to learn, explore and experiment with different techniques that this amazing lineup of Artists in Let’s Face It 2024 has to offer. It would be a treasure trove of learning as I work towards becoming fearless in creating portraits as well as facial features and the body❣️
    Thank you for this opportunity Juna❤️

  60. Dear Juna,
    Your courses and lessons are super. Your gentle guidance with charcoal is amazing.
    Of course I’m on your maillist. I shared on my blog your link.
    I would be happy to win to see your lesson.
    Thank you for the chance
    warm hug

  61. Shared on FB. I would love to win a spot so that I could learn more techniques in art. Thank you!

  62. Thanks for the opportunity!
    Already signed up to your newsletter!
    Shared on my FB

  63. Ruth Condello
    Sept 12. 2023
    I would love winning a spot on Let’s face it. I have posted and shared on Facebook. I have wanted to purchase a spot for several years but finances would not allow. I love portraiture and would benefit greatly from some professional lessons. As a senior I am feeling like time is drifting by and my passion awaits. Every year I buy a few supplies. I’m ready to put my heart and soul into portrait art. Thank you Juna for this opportunity.
    Warm regards Ruth ❤️

  64. Shared on my page Facebook Willow Wand. Would love to win a place as I can’t stretch financially for the course it will bring me back to the discipline of art that I have been missing. Much love to all x

  65. I’d love to win a free spot so my husband doesn’t complain about me spending money! But I’ll be signing up regardless.❤️

  66. Hi Juna, thank you for the opporunity to win a spot on LFI 2024.
    I enjoy seeing the work of all my artist friends who are studying with me – their work is so varied and inspirational. Also working with so many wonderful professional artists who provide the lessons is just awesome – I learn so much each year and extend my skills too. A free spot would allow me to buy different materisls such as oils as I don’t own any at the moment.
    Shared to Facebook.

  67. Had to give LFI a miss the pass couple of years, would love to be back into that creative community.

  68. First I have taken many courses from Lets Face It and have found it to be the most enriching year for portraiture to date. Some of my best work has come from the range and diversity of the instructors. It keeps me excited and motivated to move on in my own work and to feel and enjoy the many different struggles we share as artists. Often this program allows me to explore other artists and take classes from them. I am so grateful for Kara putting this together and bringing such gifted instructors to the forefront!

  69. Wow, winning LFI 2024 would allow me -financially- to take some other courses. I LOVE these online classes, and Juna, yours have always been inspirational and fun.

  70. Shared to Facebook. Hoping to win a spot for my ninth year of LFI! So glad to see you again, Juna!

  71. Thanks for the chance to win a spot, Juna! I posted on my FB ~ Toni Viaolo.
    I would love to win a spot because I am an emerging artist, who has been focusing on portraiture since my first LFI in 2021. I’d like to continue to grow! LFI has a great level of instruction and a variety of artists and styles. It’s a mainstay in my practice!

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