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Black Is Beautiful! – New YouTube video – Day 21

Today I’ve been working on black paper. It creates a completely different look and I love how it turned out! Watch the whole process in my new video for Gel Printing July! 😀 🎨

About Gel Printing July

During the month of July I've taken on the challenge of doing a gel printing session every day! The reason is that a challenge like this is a wonderful opportunity to make time for a regular art practice, to get over my perfectionism, and to acquire a lot of knowledge about the subject in a short time.

And... I'm stepping up the challenge by posting a daily video of the process on my YouTube channel! In the videos I'm taking you with me in my studio, showing you the ups and downs, what I learn and what I experience. I hope you're inspired and will join me, in whatever way feels good to you!

Watch the journey from Day 1 by clicking the button below!

Watch Gel Printing July on YouTube!
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