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I’m excited to announce that the next session of my latest portrait class The Many Faces of Pastel starts in September!

The first round of this class was hosted in March this year and was a huge success!

Pastel is a fantastic medium that can be used in many different ways to create portraits in different styles.

In this class you’ll learn all about pastel (hard pastel, soft pastel, pastel pencils) and explore different techniques to use it. From raw and expressive to soft and smooth. That way you can find the styles and techniques that you like best, and incorporate them in your own work.

This course is for everyone who is interested in working with pastel: whether you’re totally new to this medium, or have more experience but want to learn new techniques. Pastel is a wonderful supply for everyone!

Would you like to join us?

This course is now open for Early Bird registration. Just click the button below for all info and to sign up now with discount!

Info & Registration

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