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Yay, my online portrait course Drawing in the Soul is on holiday sale! If you sign up before January 1 you get 15% discount!

Drawing in the Soul is now available as a self-paced class, so you can start anytime you like – even right now if you want! You get lifetime access to the course website, and you can download all the videos and the written lesson materials, so you can do the lessons anytime and at any place you like. Relaxed and in your own pace.

This class can also be a great holiday present for a friend or loved one. Or for yourself, of course! 🙂

Click the button below to sign up directly to Drawing in the Soul – Self Paced, and use the coupon code HOLIDAYS2017 to receive 15% discount.

Or click here for more detailed information on Drawing in the Soul.

See you in class!

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