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My new video is ready! 🙂 In this art journal tutorial I am showing how I created the mixed media portrait called Contemplation, that I posted a few days ago.

I had so much fun creating this portrait! Initially I had the idea to use the same media and techniques that I used for my previous portrait Khutulun, but I ended up working only with charcoal and soft pastels. I find these mediums are great when you want to focus on creating shadows and highlights in the face and add lots of texture and loose lines.

Supplies I used in this video

For the portrait that you see me creating in this video, I have used the following supplies:

  • Strathmore Mixed Media Visual Journal: this journal is 22.9 x 30.5 cm (9 x 12 inch) and has 190 gsm (90 lb.) paper. It is spiral bound, which I wouldn’t recommend for making spreads but for a single page I like it because you can fold the book completely over.
  • Charcoal pencil (I am using a dark charcoal pencil by Derwent)
  • Charcoal (I used willow charcoal, but you can also use vine charcoal)
  • Soft pastel in various colors (I am using Schmincke)

Here is a picture of the final artwork:

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